Games Workshop To Host Studio Preview Seminar At Adepticon!

November 17, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

Just when I thought that Adepticon couldn't get any cooler, I had a look in the preview cart... Games Workshop has several hobby seminars! There's Back to Basics 40K Tactics, Advanced 40K Tactics, Age of Sigmar 'Generals'- but wait, there's more...


Games Workshop is hosting a Studio Preview Seminar! You read that right. They are going to preview the upcoming releases for Summer 2017 at Adepticon and you can hear all about it first.

It looks like they will be running this seminar twice on Wednesday night, which if you've seen the attendance in the 40K hall at Adepticon, you know these will sell out FAST - like super fast - like they're practically gone already and the cart isn't live yet.

Adepticon logo

If you've ever needed an excuse to make it to Adepticon, I doubt you could find a better one than this. We will certainly try our best to get in and film this for you (hopefully we can!) but would''t you rather see it for yourself in person?

Who will be joining us at Adepticon for these big reveals?!

"We will certainly try our best to get in and film this for you..."

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