Raiding, Revelry & Looting the High Seas At Adepticon!

January 26, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!


Pirates- men, women & children, are invited to register for a once in a lifetime pirate adventure at Adepticon : Fist Full of Seamen, with the story line of -"But the pirates are coming." The Year is 1703, and while the European powers squabble in the world's deadliest paternity suit, The War of Spanish Succession, the Caribbean colonies via for the title of Cane-Sugar-Mama of the West Indies.


Gamers will sail around the 800 sq. ft. board, collecting gold and infamy from a dozen Island locations. But beware, and know this- there are ruthless cannibals lurking on islands, a terrifying ghost ship and even the legendary Kraken ready to consume your crew and drag you to the depths! The event will provide enough ships and crew to set sail on the high seas. Captains must be of legal driving age to pilot one of our ships. The under 16 crowd will be provided characters to influence the battles and adventure around the map in search of fame and fortune. Ye only need to sign up!


All participants will receive an AdeptiCon exclusive 28mm Henry Morgan, model sculpted by the talented Michael Owen.

Will you be taking to the high seas for some piracy at Adepticon this year?

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