Compete To Be Top Dog In The Warmahordes London Masters

September 20, 2013 by brennon

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Coming on the weekend of the 26th and the 27th of October Tabletop Nation is going to be playing host to the Warmahordes London Masters! Check out some of the details for this competition below...

Warmahordes Masters

The competition will consist of seven fifty point battles spread out over the two days. You will be using chess clocks to keep everything timed and tense with each of you allocated sixty minutes per round.

You will not be required to have a fully painted army so that's a bonus if you have fallen behind on your hobby chores! Of course a nicely painted army is a bonus so if you do have one make sure to field it.

Warmahordes Masters Trophy

The trophy has already arrived at Tabletop Nation and it's quite a massive piece of mantlepiece material isn't it! Better than those shards of perspex and glass you get for winning a TV award that's for sure.

As well as the glorious trophy you could always win prizes from a range of companies including...


who are making some very nice templates indeed.

Check out the Masters Rule Pack and the Event listing to get yourself a ticket for this event. It's certainly a different beast from a Journeyman League but well worth competing in!

Chat about it on the forums too!

Do you think you have the grit for this?

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