The UK Games Day Slayer Sword Goes Up on Ebay!

October 10, 2012 by brennon

In a rather original if widely considered bad move, the winner of the Slayer Sword at this years Games Day UK has put his prize weapon up on Ebay! Check out the listing....

Karol Rudyk Slayer Sword Winner

Slayer Sword

The Sword is considered by many to be a prized possession and while it's completely up to Karol what he does with it, a few forums and websites have considered it bad form to sell the weapon. He's going to sign it though, so I suppose it's a bit of a collectors item?

Winning Model

Above is the model that won the coveted Slayer Sword. I got to see this up close on the day and it was a phenomenal miniature. But the question still stands, would you sell your Slayer Sword?

If you fancy picking it up, it's still got twelve hours left on it and no bids! (Correct at time of writing!)

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