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Join Darker Days At Gen Con For Demo RPGs


Darker Days Radio are heading to this year's Gen Con, where they will be running demo games for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition and Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory.

Gen Con Badges On Sale Now & Event Registration Opens May 19th


Badge registration for the Best Four Days of Gaming, Gen Con, is open right now! If you've ever considered making the gaming pilgrimage to Indianapolis for this spectacle, there's never been a better time to get your planning underway.

Gen Con 2018 Live Blog: Day Four


Come and join us for Gen Con 2018 with Dawn, Gianna, Sam & Justin on site to bring you the Best Four Days In Gaming!

Gen Con 2018 Live Blog: Day Three


Come and join us for Gen Con 2018 with Dawn, Gianna, Sam & Justin on site to bring you the Best Four Days In Gaming!

Gen Con 2018 Live Blog: Day Two


Come and join us for Gen Con 2018 with Dawn, Gianna, Sam & Justin on site to bring you the Best Four Days In Gaming!

Gen Con 2018 Live Blog: Day One


Come and join us for Gen Con 2018 with Dawn, Gianna, Sam & Justin on site to bring you the Best Four Days In Gaming!

Hot Demos On The Gen Con 2018 Show Floor To Watch Out For!


It's Gen Con time! Publishers from all around the world are coming together to show off the newest board games releasing this year. And we've rounded up just a few of the most exciting ones!

A Peek At The Gen Con Releases From DUST 1947


DUST 1947 is celebrating their 10th Anniversary year, and where better to celebrate than at Gen Con? Stop by Booth 3053 to check out Gregor the Defector, amazing artwork from Paolo Parente and lots more!

Magic The Gathering Will Celebrate 25 Years At Gen Con 2018


If you will be in the neighborhood at Gen Con this August, be sure to swing by Wizards of the Coast to wish happy birthday to Magic the Gathering! Thats right, one of the most popular games is celebrating 25 years at Gen Con.

Gen Con 2018 Badges Are Nearly Sold Out


The race to snag Four day badges for Gen Con 2018 is on, as the convention announced it's approaching another sold out show. It'll be another amazing show full of news and surprises - you don't want to miss out!

Gen Con 2017 Live Blog: Day One!


LAST CHANCE! to WIN AMAZING PRIZES by commenting inside!

Gen Con 2017 Live Blog: Day Two!


LAST CHANCE! to WIN AMAZING PRIZES by commenting inside!

Gen Con 2017 Live Blog: Day Three!


LAST CHANCE! to WIN AMAZING PRIZES by commenting inside!

Gen Con 2017 Live Blog: Day Four!


LAST CHANCE! to WIN AMAZING PRIZES by commenting inside!

Corvus Belli at GenCon 50 Seminar


Games & Gears Show Off The Legendary Monster Series At Gen Con


Games & Gears is celebrating Gen Con 50 in the best of ways, with 2 lines of limited edition adventuring minis. Check out the very menacing, Legendary Monsters Series: The Ettin!

Gen Con 50 Sells Out Of Four-Day Badges!


Gen Con celebrated another amazing first as they've sold out on the 4 day badges! Better snag a single day badge fast if you want to be part of this exciting Gen Con 50.

WYSIWY Games Announces Planet Of The Apes Miniatures Board Game


The world will be going to the apes come spring of 2018 as WSYIWY Games announced the upcoming launch of Planet of the Apes: The Miniatures Boardgame. 3-D board components and fantastic minis are just a couple things to look forward to from this exciting game!

Gen Con Trending A Full House! What Do You Want To See?


Gen Con is setting itself up to be the biggest one yet as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary! Be sure to get your badges soon if you plan on being at The Best Four Days In Gaming and let the BoW crew know what you'd like to see this year.

Weekender: Flying Battleships In Dropfleet Commander & Scatter Terrain Projects Explored


Hawk Wargames join us to talk Dropfleet Commander while we delve into the news AND your epic Scatter Terrain projects...

Exclusive Aetherium Mini At Gen Con From Anvil Eight Games


Anvil Eight Games is coming to Gen Con with a load o' new goodies to share. There's even an exclusive mini, Molly, that will be available at their booth along with all the long awaited material for the House Ikaru collective.

USAopoly Announces Harry Potter Hogwarts Deckbuilding Game


Do you have the wizard skills needed to defend Hogwarts against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Find out this fall in USAopoly and Warner Brothers Inc's new Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deckbuilding Game.

Megacon Games Offers A Peek At Myth: Dark Frontier


Fans of the world of Myth should really be looking forward to Gen Con this year, as Megacon Games will be bringing Myth: Dark Frontier. Dark Frontier looks to offer a great combination of adventuring and resource management, set in their wonderful Myth universe.

The Events Cart Is Open For Gen Con’s Best Four Days In Gaming


If you thought ti was too soon to be worried about your plans at Gen Con, you thought wrong! The event cart opened this Sunday, so if you haven't already secured the tickets for your events, time is of the essence.

When You Thought Gen Con Couldn’t Get Any Bigger, They Post The List


Just when you thought the Best Four Days Of Gaming couldn't get any bigger, Gen Con released their 2016 vendor hall list! With a 26% increase from last year, this year's vendor hall at the show is sure to please and offer a shopping paradise for gamers and spectators alike.

Pre-Registration For 2016 GenCon Badges Starts January 22nd


It's never too early to start planning for your 2016 conventions. Pre-registration for GenCon 2016 badges opens January 22nd, and this is key if you need to make housing arrangements through the GenCon site. A 2016 badge is required to use the housing system, and these options fill up very quickly.

Gen Con Announces Huge Expansion For Indianapolis


Just when you thought Gen Con couldn't get any bigger...Gen Con announced that not only will they be staying in Indianapolis, they will be expanding into the Lucas Oil Stadium in addition to the Indianapolis Convention Center. This means one very important thing- more gaming goodness!

Weekender XLBS: Gen Con Highlights & The Great Baking Tin Disaster!


Join Backstage Try a 7 Day FREE Trail

Weekender: Team Yankee & The Bolt Action Summer Offensive


Gen Con 2015 Live Blog – Part 2 – New Videos!


Gen Con Broke Records Again This Year!


Gamers as far as the eyes can see! Gen Con continued to break records with attendance this year. If you're looking to hang out in a place with close to 200,000 like-minded gamers, then start planning your trip for next year!

Gen Con 2015 Live Blog!


Mantic At Gen Con With Dungeon Saga’s Legendary Mortibris


Mantic Games are prepping for the coming of Dungeon Saga later this year and you can still pre-order the game and get your hands on a copy of the Legendary Mortibris model as long as you do so before July 31st or September with Mantic Points.

The Scion Of The Void Moves Into Malifaux


A dark and ominous force is coming to Malifaux. Just in case the Gen Con goodies aren't enough, this week's Malifaux preview is art for the new the Scion of the Void.

Star Trek Fans Can Meet Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) At Gen Con!


Just when you thought Gen Con couldn't be any more awesome...Gen Con & Mayfair Games are pleased to announce a guest appearance from Marina Sirtis, best known by Star Trek: Next Generation fans as Deanna Troi!

Event & Demo Tickets Now Available For GenCon 2015


This weekend saw the mad dash to the cyber checkout line for event tickets for this year's GenCon. Gamers can add plans to their wish list and submit their order to purchase their tickets for "the Best 4 Days in Gaming."

The 2015 Gen Con Map Is Up! Time To Plot Your Shopping


Gen Con planning is getting serious with the release of this year's vendor hall map! Time to plot out your must see locations and ready your running shoes.

The Gen Con 2014 Experience Part 2!


In part two of this Gen Con experience run down community member Redben takes us through the massive weekend and tells tales of heroic midnight zombie slaying! Quite the trooper!

The Gen Con 2014 Experience Part 1!


Backstagers got a taste of Gen Con over on our forums but we've now compiled community member Redben's travels to Gen Con 2014 into a series of articles! See how he found the experience and let us know what you thought too!

Gen Con: Four Days of Gaming Nirvana & How To Survive


Gianna gives us a quick run down of the GenCon 2014 experience before the video coverage hits very soon! How did you feel about GenCon and if you didn't get to go will you be heading there next year?

GenCon Update: First Two Days Of Incredible!


GenCon 2014 has come and we prepare for the onslaught of games and their gamers. We are doing our best to get you the best in coverage.

Gen Con 2014 Team & Meet Up


This years BoW Gen Con team say hello and invite you all to the Gen Con Beasts of War Meet Up that will be held on the Saturday! More details within!

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