A chat with Fred from Bastion about their game Ex illis

August 16, 2010 by lloyd

So Gen Con was massive this year and will still have more videos that didn’t make it out last week so we will continue releasing them thought out the week.

First up we have a chat with Fred from Bastion about their game Ex illis. Now for anyone who hasn't seen it, Ex illis is quite a unique mix of table top gaming with software that helps introduce new players to the game and facilitate some pretty special game play.

Now if your thinking how can I play a game that needs a PC at my friends house (who for some strange reason in 2010 doesn't have one), well Baston are working hard on bringing the software to as many different platforms as possible. So you can use your PC of course or what about a laptop there nice and portable or better yet your phone. Yes you can use an iPhone and I would say that won’t be the only phone supported in the future or if your really flash an iPad! Nice 🙂

Visit www.ex-illis.com for more info. or join the Ex illis discussion Group here on Beasts of War.

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