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Who are Prism Gaming… New for Gen Con 2012


We all love checking out new game companies, so Adam has stopped off with Prism Gaming to see what they’re all about.

Spartacus! Blood & Treachery at Gen Con 2012


You may have seen the Spartacus TV series. Now Adam gets the full story on the new boardgame… Spartacus: a game of Blood & Treachery!

The Rise of the Core! New Dark Age Faction at Gen Con 2012


Adam stops at the Dark Age stand at Gen Con 2012 to check out the new models for the Core faction.

DUST Breaks New Ground at Gen Con 2012


Find out the latest happenings with the guys
Fantasy Flight and the DUST game systems.

Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator at Gen Con 2012


Adam go’s off the Reservation to take a look at the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, and gets an interview with the creator Thom Robertson.

Catalyst Games Labs Talk Leviathans at Gen Con 2012


Catalyst Game Labs tell us about the success of Leviathans and what they’re planning next.

What’s the Latest News from Soda Pop Miniatures at Gen Con 2012


Adam speaks to Soda Pop Miniatures and asks about their recent success, amazing miniatures and future plans.

Infinity at Gen Con 2012


Adam speaks to Carlos about the Paradiso Campaign book and what’s coming up for Infinity.

Mantic Games: DreadBall Update


Adam gets a first look at the sculpts for Mantic Games latest creation… DreadBall!

Wizards of the Coast talk D&D 5th Edition at Gen Con 2012


Adam moves on to the roleplaying game that started it all… Dungeons & Dragons! Let’s see what they have to tell us about the latest edition of this Beasts of War favourite.

Battle Foam at Gen Con 2012


It wouldn’t be Gen Con without a trip to the Battle Foam stand, where Romeo can give us the lowdown on his latest releases.

Heavy Gear Interview at Gen Con 2012


Adam takes time to meet the guys from Dream Pod 9 to ask them what’s the future of giant robots, epic battles and sci-fi gaming, in the world of Heavy Gear.

What’s The Latest for Mercs?


Adam tracks down the guys from Mercs at Gen Con 2012 to have a chat about the games’ new factions and the possibility of an expansion.

Collector’s Series of D&D Miniatures New from Gale Force 9


If you’ve been waiting for your fix of classic D&D monsters, then wait no longer… check out the new D&D Miniatures Collectors Series coming soon from Gale Force Nine!

Gen Con Gridwalk!!!


Adam has been busy all weekend filming, blagging interviews & having a look at some of the latest and
greatest from the world of TableTop Gaming, but
before we get to that its time for Adam to take us on a tour of Gen Con 2012!!!

Check out the Con Exclusives from Privateer Press!


Both Warmachine and Hordes get the exclusive model treatment for Gen Con this year.

Drake Gear-Strider at Gencon 2012… Will you be one of the Lucky 20?


Heavy Gear will have 20 limited edition pre-release kits available at
Gen Con 2012 of the devastating Drake… the new Gear-Strider coming soon in the Southern Field Guide!