Check Out The INFINITY Gen Con ’15 Seminar VIDEO INSIDE!

August 2, 2015 by lloyd

We are fortunate enough to have the slides from the Infinity Gen Con 2015 seminar that was held over the weekend. As you can see they have started off things pretty strong with some amazing artwork and models for the role-playing game being made in conjunction with Modiphius...

Infinity RPG

I think it was the natural progression, apart from maybe going into video games, to see Infinity become a role-playing game. Modiphius at the helm is also another great idea since they have done well with a lot of other properties of late.

Some interesting characters are popping up for us to take a look at with a focus on making real world characters that fit into the wider themes of Infinity. It's not just all battlefield antics in the Human Sphere and beyond.

What's great to see is that on top of the artwork and the detail going into the world there are miniatures for the game too. With the stunning character pieces that Corvus Belli already create for Infinity it would have been a shame for these to not pop up alongside the game.

The Future

As it stands Infinity is in a very good place with the likes of the USAriadna coming out but there is also the Classified Deck which helps give you an ITS style experience every time you play.

The artwork on the cards is insanely good looking and they all help you set up games with an interesting narrative as well as being competitive. The best of both worlds it seems.

I know that a few people I know already love the idea of these and have been wanting to pick up packs to use in the local store. We'll have to have a chat about it on Beasts of War some time to get right into the details.

What's Next?

Well, it wouldn't be an Infinity talk with Carlos without him spilling the beans about a whole range of new stuff coming out in the future. With that in mind take a look at the concept art below.

It seems like all of the various factions within the game are going to be getting something new or indeed revamped as the weeks and months tick on...

...and I'm particularly liking how these robotic-types are looking. The Seraph in particular is a stunning piece of artwork and the miniature better be dynamic!

...Oh look, it is! Infinity seems to be knocking it out of the park once again and it's hard not to fall in love with the miniatures range.

I never thought I'd be seeing Battle Cat from He-Man show up in Infinity but hey, there he is. These might have some interestingly unpronounceable names but they sure do look awesome. 'What would make the cat look more dangerous?' - 'Stick some guns on its shoulders!'.

The Combined Army are certainly not going to be left out when it comes to their additional armaments in the battlefield and they look to be getting some new remotes.

The Combined Army have some of the coolest toys out there and so it is no doubt pulling on the purse strings of many gamers to see them get these lovely miniatures too.

Last but not least let's get stuck into close combat with the likes of the Domaru Butai and Captain Van Zant of the Airbourne Rangers. Samurai Vs Lumberjack; who do you think would win in a fight?

If the USAriadna get any cooler then we might find a lot of people all playing the same faction and the match-ups are going to be very weird indeed.

It's nice to see that he at least refused to pose with a rock under his foot when it came to the model and instead went for the rarely used 'satchel'. If you want a model that oozes cool then I'm fairly sure that Van Zant fits the bill.

Well, there you have it. That's the Infinity Seminar in slide form. It's all looking very nice indeed and we hope you get stuck in with comments on what you like and don't like.

What has caught your eye?

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