Join Us For Salute 2021 This Saturday!

November 12, 2021 by brennon

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This weekend, we won't have a Weekender BUT the OnTableTop team are going to be at Salute 2021 at the ExCel in London! We're back to talk awesome miniature wargaming companies and fantastic participation games from all manner of different clubs.


Catch Us On YouTube @ OnTableTop 

Catch Us On YouTube @ OnTableTop LIVE

You'll be able to watch videos from throughout the day over on the OnTableTop LIVE channel plus more videos from our time here at Salute on the main channel too. There will be a BIG Live Blog for you to follow along with and comment on, telling us what you like from the coverage we're putting together.

What Would You Like To See?

As well as the companies we've picked out, we'd love you to tell us what YOU are most excited to see from Salute 2021. Make sure to comment down below and tell us about what you've seen from the Salute website that you'd be eager for us to explore in more detail.

Salute 2021

Tickets For Salute - Traders @ Salute - Games @ Salute - Painting Competition @ Salute

If you're coming along, we'd also like to meet up with folks and say hello throughout the day. Make sure to catch us as we're running around and we'll have a chat about all things tabletop gaming.

Are you coming to Salute this year?

"What Would You Like To See?"

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