Grumpy Old War Gamer Convention Photos Day 2

June 9, 2013 by brennon

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The second day of Grumpy Old War Gamers has been just as good as the first with plenty of gaming going on once again. Check out some more of the images from the day...

Flames of War Vietnam #1

Flames of War Vietnam #2

Flames of War D-Day Board

First up we have some snaps of the awesome Vietnam games going on today. Flames of War has been pushing Tour of Duty over the past couple of months and as you can see Warren couldn't resist going over and seeing how it played. I think his Germans are going to be moving to Vietnam too.

Relics Demo Game

Relics Painted Figures

Warmachine Demo Game

As well as Flames of War we had more games of Relics and as you can see they had some of their awesome models on display too. Warmachine was also a firm favourite and I have been getting drawn into it thanks to the learned Kev.

Painting Sessions

Painted Contemptor

DreadBall In Action


Painting sessions still continued throughout the day and lots of people were coming up to see the great models. DreadBall was still a hit as well with James M. Hewitt bringing his energy to the table. He also managed to make up some rules for a crazy game filled with zombies. But, you'll see that later.

Iron Kingdoms Dungeon Crawler

Warhammer 40,000

Andy even got to sit down and run people through his Iron Kingdoms RPG Dungeon Crawl. He pitted four heroes against a selection of halls filled with goblins! People were even playing games of their own on our awesome tables, as you can see by the Warhammer 40,000 squad above.

It was a great day once again and hopefully those who came down had loads of fun. It's been busy but great to meet everyone and we'll see you all again here soon! Watch out for more videos soon.

Get gaming next week too!

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