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Battlefront Open Day Live Blog! [Comment To Win!]

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Come and join John, Justin and Colin as they get stuck into the Battlefront Open Day.


The crew will be hanging out at the event and taking in everything awesome about the day with the Battlefront crew and the community members who are going to be coming along too. The event is being held at Cleve Lodge in Long Eaton, Nottingham and promises to be a fun-packed day!


Comment To Win!

Comment on any of today's live blog posts for your chance to win this set of galactic terrain!

What's On?

Here is a quick rundown of what is happening during the day...

  • SEMINARSJoin the Battlefront bosses (Peter, John-Paul, John Matthews and Gordon) for several in-depth seminars throughout the day and links with New Zealand, which will be streamed on our website. So, if you’ve ever wondered how we decide on what miniature or boardgame we’re going to make or have some questions about what the future holds for Flames Of War, Team Yankee or TANKS, post your questions below
  • PARTICIPATION GAMES - We will have participation campaign games running throughout the day, building up to a large multiplayer battle before the days end for both Flames Of War and Team Yankee.
  • OTHER EVENTS - Alongside the participation games will be demo games of some of our upcoming new boardgames including Aliens, a speed painting competition plus of course our retail stand which will have some special deals on the day.

So, make sure to join us as we take a peek at all of the goodies and maybe we'll get in a few games too!

Battlefront UK Games Centre

As well as the event, folks in the UK have lots to look forward to as the Battlefront UK Games Centre is opening soon on July 5th.


"Come and visit the exciting new Game Centre of Battlefront Miniatures Europe. We have games tables for Flames Of War, Team Yankee, 'NAM, TANKS and Fate Of A Nation, all with gorgeous terrain over which to fight.

All you need are your armies and a few hours every Thursday night 17:30 - 22:00

Never played before? No problem; we'll have staff on hand to show you how to play, build an army and how to paint it at our hobby station.

Battlefront Centre #1

Are you a board game fan? We've got a dedicated boardgame room where you can play any of our GF9 licensed boardgames such as Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats, Star Trek Ascendancy and D&D Vault Of Dragons.

Battlefront #2

Need a new platoon for your army? We've got you covered there as well with our onsite retail store. We have everything for all our 15mm games, plus Dungeons & Dragons, GF9 boardgames and all our hobby tools and accessories. Open every day from 10:00-17:00 (open later on Thursday games night), feel free to pop along and grab your kit."

Will you be frequenting this after you've joined in with the Live Blog this weekend?

Blogging At This Event:

johnlyons Tank God Entries by this blogger
dignity Oddball Entries by this blogger
xaerin Camera Dude Entries by this blogger
dignity Oddball Entries by this blogger

Goodbye From The Battlefront Open Day 2018


We’ve had a great time here at the Battlefront Open Day and met a lot of passionate gamers, but it’s time to say goodbye for another year.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage and be sure to get your comments in to be in with a chance to win those Galactic Terrain prizes!

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Flames of War and Team Yankee Tournament Catch-up


We’re back with Mark, one of the tournament organisers, to find out how the day has gone for the competitors and how things have shaped up as we head into the final games of the tournament.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Vault of Dragons


We take a look at this new Dungeon’s and Dragons board game from Gale Force Nine which sees up to 4 players delving into dungeons, gaining powerful magical items, and then attempt to help a dragon unburden themselves of their weighty riches.

Keep an eye out at GenCon or Essen for the launch of this one.

I'll take them all, tanks very much

I'll take them all, tanks very much3 Comments
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Painting Competition Awards


Although the selection was small for the painting competition, it did not stop some real talent shining through.

John joined the judges in giving his input and we all believe that the winners did wonderful work.


The winning entries were:

Best Platoon: ISU122 platoon.

Best Objective: Soviet Armoured Car

Best Tank: Stug III.


Congratulations to the winners who submitted their amazing work into the competition.

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The Boys Get Crafty

The Boys Get Crafty
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John's Wild Ride!


John Has a go at the great participation game “Whittmanns Wild Ride” Taking control of German Tank Ace Michael Whittmann as he charges into elements of the 22nd Armoured Brigade outside of Villers Bocage.

The aim of the game is to destroy as much as possible in ten turns. Points are scored based on what unit is taken out by the lone Tiger tank.

Let’s see how john gets on and if he has a chance at one of the two prizes available!

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Team Yankee & Flames of War Tournaments Are In Full Swing

Team Yankee & Flames of War Tournaments Are In Full Swing

Like a leaf on the money dissappears

Like a leaf on the money dissappears4 Comments
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Freddie and John discuss Tanks. (Surprise Surprise!)


John chats to Freddie about the Tanks demo table and what it offers people who may not have tried this game before, including some hobby time!

Players are encouraged to build their tank then play a game, giving them the full hobby/gaming experience the game offers.

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It's Not All Tanks - Sometimes There Are Dragons!

It's Not All Tanks - Sometimes There Are Dragons!
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John Chats About The Arab Israeli War Demo Table


If you have ever wanted to try out some Arab Israeli war, then check out the great looking demo table set up with Matt, here at the Battlefront Open day. The table is showcasing some of the plastic T54’s versus the Israeli Sho’t Cal (Centurions) and Magach ( M60). For more information on the Arab Israeli war head over to the Battlefront website.

Combat is flowing swimmingly

Combat is flowing swimmingly9 Comments
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The Stage Is Set For Epic Tournaments

The Stage Is Set For Epic Tournaments
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Flames of War And Team Yankee Tournament Details


Justin chats with Mark, one of the tournament organisers, to get the lowdown on today’s events. The plan is for three games with each successive game increasing the points culminating in the winners claiming some very special prizes.

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Gaming Tables Galore In The Main Hall!

This one has caught John's eye...This one has caught John's eye...
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Welcome to Battlefront Open Day 2018


We’re here at Battlefront Open Day 2018 in Long Eaton, Nottingham bringing you everything from this great event and as you can imagine John’s tank-senses are tingling!

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@johnlyons I just heard Apaches are coming! Find outif Blackhawks are coming to. You are awesome!


More love for Tanks please. Churchill has just been released.


I would definitely have attended this with some of the lads from my gaming club if we had heard about it. This for me ties back in to having something, maybe just a calendar, on the OTT/BoW site that can be used by companies or event organisers to populate a calendar with a title and a link.


Agreed we will be adding functions like that to places mate

Cult of Games Member

I really enjoy these live blogs, all the fun of the gathering, without that underlying aroma of sweat, and no chance of catching con lurgy.

Thanks for taking the risk so i don’t have to.


Missed getting up there today so thanks guys! 🙂


Looking forward to it!


All this great WWII action has me wanting to dive back into Company of Hero’s for a bit.

Cult of Games Member

Told my wife that I was missing out on a ‘Tank-fest’ of goodness today. Plus there was a limited edition Doctor Who miniature there today only. She said, “What’s stopping you?” I replied, “Oh, just the Atlantic Ocean.” 🙂

Looks like it was a blast to be there.

Tanks for covering the event for us guys!

Cult of Games Member



Nice, I am getting slowly stuck in the Team Yankee game. What is more, my gf wants to try it out too, so I am getting the Starter soon.


As much as I am trying to be a objective person, Battlefront always manages to bring out the fanboy in me. I just love nearly everything they are doing and how they are doing that.

Really enjoyed this blog!

Cult of Games Member

good to see coverage from “smaller” events, getting exposed to more games and events that i wouldn’t normally take an interest in is a large part of why i’m a backstager to support you guys.

Cult of Games Member

Been away from BoW for too long missed all this coverage. Watching it after the fact.


Gorgeous scenery. Can think of several uses for those… 😉


Just started to pick up team Yankee. Can’t wait to get it all stuck together and start playing.


Love that Stug.. superb


Just getting into wargaming. This stuff is awesome!