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Bolt Action: Western Desert Boot Camp Live Blog – Saturday

Bolt Action: Western Desert Boot Camp Live Blog – Saturday

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Welcome to Saturday of our Bolt Action Boot Camp. We're going to be taking those armies we built yesterday from Warlord Games and getting them stuck into some Desert Warfare.

Bolt Action Boot Camp Day 2 Saturday COVER

Make sure to get involved in the comments and let us know what you'd like to see us talk about today!

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We're going to be getting stuck into some mini-campaign awesomeness and seeing who comes out on top between the British and the Germans!

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Bolt Action Western Desert Boot Camp - Day Two!


Welcome to Day One of the Bolt Action Western Desert where we’re going to be having fun with Warlord Games, building up awesome armies and taking them to the tabletop to show off a good old-fashioned clash between the British and the Germans.

Win Prizes

We have some great goodies to give away over the weekend. Each day you’ll be able to snap up an El Alamein Starter Set + A Panzer III & M3 Stuart.

Bolt Action Western Desert Boot Camp - Day Two!

All you have to do is comment on the Live Blog AND on the individual posts to be in with a chance of winning.

Make sure to get involved and find out more about both hobbying AND gaming during the Western Desert campaign in WWII.

Bolt Action Boot Camp - Win Prizes This Weekend!


We’ve got a great competition in the works for you this weekend as Warlord Games are going to be giving away some awesome goodies!

You can win yourself an El Alamein Starter Set + A Panzer II & M3 Stuart.

Bolt Action Boot Camp - Win Prizes This Weekend!

There will be ONE given away each day and you can get a hold of it by commenting on both the main live blog AND the individual posts themselves.

If you’d like to check out more you can view the individual components with the El Alamein Starter SetPanzer III and M3 Stuart sets here.

Which side are you going to play as?

Watch Out For Gaming Goodness Today!

Watch Out For Gaming Goodness Today!21 Comments

Get Involved! Build Bolt Action Projects & Win Spot Prizes!


We’ve got a great idea that we wanted to share with you! To get you guys involved at home we wanted to give away some spot prizes to those who create some Bolt Actionbased projects using our Project System.

Make Bolt Action Projects & Win £20 Warlord Games Vouchers!

This can be anything Bolt Action based, be it a unit of soldiers, a commander figure, tanks (John loves those!) or even some pieces of terrain. It DOES NOT have to be desert themed either.

Make sure to select this option when you’re putting together your projects!

Get Involved! Build Bolt Action Projects & Win Spot Prizes!

See What’s Been Worked On So Far!

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on and the kind of things you share with us.

Super Saturday: The Hobbyists Return!


As boot camp starts back for the second day, the guys get back to preparing their miniatures for the table!

Super Saturday: The Hobbyists Return!

Scorpions Of The Desert - Infantry Tactics


Our historical editor Jim (@oriskany) has come over to teach us about the history of the western desert in this mini-series Scorpions Of The  Desert.

Kicking off, we take a look at some of the Basic Infantry Tactics used in this theatre of war.

Thanks For The Buns Lads!

Thanks For The Buns Lads!20 Comments

Charlie Begins His Bolt Action Demo Game


Watch out for the demo game for Bolt Action, showing off the basics of the game later today. This is a little teaser as we’ve had a whole bunch of new people playing the game this weekend which is awesome to see.

The neat thing is that Bolt Action is SO easy to learn and just gets out of the way so you can enjoy the action.

Charlie Begins His Bolt Action Demo Game

Getting Stuck Into Painting Bolt Action Germans


We’re looking at some quick and easy ways to paint up the Germans as Oriskany finds out how the Afrika Korp are coming together with one of the Boot Campers.

Gaming? Yes, Hobby MORE SO!


As well as learning more about the game itself a lot of people are still getting stuck into the painting of their armies today.

We’ve seen some of the techniques for the British and the Germans but what has been impressive is that the armies have been very easy to paint – a bit of spray, some additional techniques and a wash and it’s done!

Gaming? Yes, Hobby MORE SO!

Some Tips For Painting Bolt Action British Sikhs


You might have seen these Sikh troops yesterday? Well, the progress has been awesome on these so far today and it looks like we’re going to get a very unique army coming together for this British force.

What other smaller sections of the British force do you think you’d see in the Western Desert?

It's Not All Land Battles - We Have Spitfires!

It's Not All Land Battles - We Have Spitfires!22 Comments

War In The Western Desert


Gaming begins at the Bolt Action boot camp!

War In The Western Desert

Win Boot Camp Gongs And Oriskany's Campaign


Armies are starting to appear on the table so we take everyone aside to tell them about the various Boot Camp Gongs they can earn over the weekend.

James is also running a Western Desert campaign over the weekend, and he introduces it to the players to see who will answer the call.

Scorpions Of The Desert - Infantry Movement Types


When fighting in the desert, mobility is key.

In the second part of the Scorpions of the Desert, @oriskany takes us through the different ways the infantry got about this environment.

A Wild John In His Natural Habitat (Yes, It's Tanks...)

A Wild John In His Natural Habitat (Yes, It's Tanks...)15 Comments

In The Heat Of The Action


One of the great things about this particular theatre of war is that you’re being pulled into one which is very evocative. You will have seen Cass showing off some of the gaming going on earlier.

The change of theatre adds to this very cinematic feel and suddenly you’re not having to deal with dirt being thrown around but blasting sand and crumbling ruins.

In The Heat Of The Action

Basics Of Bolt Action With Warlord's Charlie


A lot of the Boot Campers are playing Bolt Action for the first time, so Warlord’s Charlie takes some of the new gamers through the basics of this WWII wargame.

Show Gerry What For!

We head into the desert in search of Gerry!We head into the desert in search of Gerry!

Legends Of The Desert: Rommel's Message


This is the first of a few videos we will be recording with Oriskany, talking to him about the stranger than fiction characters who fought during World War II.

The first of these is Rommel who left a very peculiar message for his troops.

Livestream Going On Now!


Make sure to go and check out the Livestream which is going on right now over on the FRONT PAGE and right now HERE too.

Livestream Going On Now!

Who are you going to be supporting in this upcoming battle; British or Germans?

Food Time Get 'Dem Dogs Down Ya!


It’s lunchtime again here at the OnTableTop studios where we’re working on feeding some hungry Boot Campers. Do you reckon they’re enjoying the traditional Western Desert themed hot dogs?

We go the extra mile however and take out the sand…

Food Time Get 'Dem Dogs Down Ya!

How Did We Get Up Here?

How Did We Get Up Here?20 Comments

Bolt Action Gameplay Tactics: British 8th Army


With people starting to get into their games we’re beginning to get some tactical chatter from Charlie about how people should approach using their forces.

For you at home, and of course the chaps here at the Boot Camp, we talk about some of the ways you can use these troops and larger guns on the tabletop.

Bolt Action Soldiers Show Their Colours


With all the gaming going on, it’s easy to forget about the painters, working hard to get their men war ready!

Bolt Action Soldiers Show Their Colours

Scorpions Of The Desert - Combat Tactics


@oriskany and Justin return for the third part of the Scorpions of the Desert and this time we’re going to look at blowing stuff up!

We learn about the combat tactics used by the different forces fighting in the conflicts of the western desert.

Boot Camp Gongs - Don't Panic!


The first of our Boot Camp Gongs has been awarded!

Ron has been lucky enough to score snake eyes on an order check, showing his Germans have nerves of steel and earning the Don’t Panic! prize.

Bolt Action Gameplay Tactics: German Afrika Korps


We’ve heard about how the British 8th Army can be played, now Charlie takes us through some of the Bolt Action tactics for the German Afrika Korps.

Gaming In The Desert


The armies are moving over from the hobby bench to the gaming tables as the Boot Campers start getting stuck into Bolt Action.

Gaming In The Desert

Gaming With The Boot Campers - Armoured Rush


Oriskany talks with Mick and Rob about their game which is using two larger armies to fight out a campaign game.

Here we’re seeing the two sides clash amongst the blasted ruins of a desert village. It seems like things are going very well for Rob and Mick is having a bit of bad luck with the dice!

Waging Wonderful War


The Boot Camp battles have begun, and our warmongers have deployed their troops!

Waging Wonderful War

Gaming With The Boot Campers - Sandy Skirmish


We’re getting stuck into a bit of an asymmetrical battle here between the British and the Germans. A battle is going on between this very fresh set of Sikh recruits for the British and the grizzled Germans.

Have you played out any games like this where you’re learning the rules and like to feel it out with a scenario or two where you kind of throw the army creation rules out the window?

Amara The Immortal Carrier Lives!


In commemoration of the incredible endurance of one Sikh carrier on the live stream, Rot6 added their own artistic impression of the dauntless vehicle.

Behold, Amara the Immortal Carrier!

Amara The Immortal Carrier Lives!

Scorpions Of The Desert - Support Weapons


To finish off the Scorpions of the Desert series, @oriskany takes us through the various support weapons the armies brought with them to the desert.

It’s time to look at tanks, artillery, and all the other big toys.

Livestream Heroes!


So, the livestream is over and it featured some superb heroes on both sides. Credit has to go to Amara The Immortal Carrier, but the British really showed off their mettle throughout the game as a whole.

This was a fascinating game and it showed off what you can do mechanically with the game when it comes to something different like a trench network. The difficult terrain rules simulating the whizzing by of bullets really adds to the drama and makes you think differently when it comes to tactics.

Livestream Heroes!

Gaming With The Boot Campers - In The Trenches


Boot Campers Martin and Bob are waging war across one of our fantastic desert trench tables.

We stopped by to hear how they have found playing Bolt Action on this particular battlefield.

Get In The (Cheesy) Mood - Tobruk 1967


This is a massive slice of cheese as Oriskany says but here is the trailer for Tobruk…it might get you in the mood for some Western Desert fighting.

Heroic Showdown: Per vs Max

Heroic Showdown: Per vs Max

When Per brought his 8th Army up against the Afrika Korps, he was on the back foot.  His men were outnumbered; exposed to Max’s unrelenting German rage.

Enflamed by pride and the seduction of an easy victory, a few troops from the Afrika Korps climb atop their crated cover, open a rally of machine gun fire…and miss two of the three men directly in front of them.

They should have gone to German Specsavers.

The 8th Army seeing a small advantage move forward to assault, and a gruesome combat ensues. Although in the end the brave men of the 8th lost their lives, the Afrika Korps lost good soldiers.

It was a lesson to Max and his Afrika Korps in the follies of war but, more importantly, a fascinating battle to watch on the tabletop!


IT'S ON...TOMORROW...ISH14 Comments

Oriskany Reshapes The Operation Crusader Map


Oriskany is running his campaign this weekend recreating Operation Crusader.

The first games of the campaign are underway and Oriskany shows us how the map is shaping up.

Amassing Armies At Boot Camp


If you’re taking part in our Bolt Action project competition this weekend, it should be nice to know you’re not painting alone. The guys here are progressing with their armies, and we’re all excited to see the completed battalions on Sunday!

Amassing Armies At Boot Camp

Boot Camp Gong - FUBAR!


Another spot prize has been awarded and this time it’s for a complete and utter FUBAR.

Gerry talks to Stephen about exactly what happened for him to win this infamous gong.

Team Update: Saturday Night Strangeness


Saturday night closes in, and the weekend seems to be taking its toll on the team…

Team Update: Saturday Night Strangeness

Boot Camp Gong - Headhunter


Another of the hotly contest Boot Camp Gongs has been awarded. Boot Camper Michael’s sharpshooting soldiers took out the enemy’s HQ, scoring himself the Headhunter prize.

Time For A Group Photo!

Gerry Went To The Pub, But We Couldn't Resist Keeping His Famous PoseGerry Went To The Pub, But We Couldn't Resist Keeping His Famous Pose

Boot Campers Get Their Tanks!


It felt about right for the Boot Camp members to get their tanks so they can start using some heavy armour on the tabletop, throwing in a bit of heavy metal to see what damage they can do.

The British got their hands on two Valentine MkII as well as a Humber MkII Armoured Car. The Germans snagged themselves an 8 Rad Armoured Car along with a Horch Transport Vehicle.

We shall have to see how much carnage they can cause across the rest of today and tomorrow!

Bolt Action Campaign: Oriskany's Operation Crusader


Oriskany continues his campaign in the Western Desert, encouraging some first time Bolt Action players to join in the fun!

Bolt Action Campaign: Oriskany's Operation Crusader

Facing Defeat - Mick's Misery


Oriskany catches up with Mick and Rob to see how their game finished up. With this being a little bigger than the other games going on right now it was fascinating to see just how much artillery came down on the tabletop.

If nothing else…the trees got blown up. All of Justin’s hard work gone to hell…

Operation Crusader Day One Campaign Wrap Up


We’re closing in on the end of the day and find out how things have been doing with Oriskany and his campaign.

Things have been going very well and…for once…actually accurate to History. With Warren in close proximity everything can sometimes be askew but in this case, it looks like the British are putting the German to the sword.

Boot Camp Gong - Total Wipe Out!


Another GONG was won…or DONG which appears to be what Lloyd turned our board into. Here we have a winner who managed to completely wipe out his opponent.

Feeding The Troops!


Dinner time and tonight we’re treating the Boot Camp to some traditional Irish fare!

Feeding The Troops!

Legends Of The Desert - Germans & Free French


Oriskany continues his Legends of the Desert series, telling us some of the amazing stories and incredible people who took part in the conflicts in the western desert.

This time, we find out about some of the legends of the German forces, as well as the Free French Forces who fought.

Bring On The Board Games!

Bring On The Board Games!

It’s not all about war gaming! Open gaming starts from 1pm tomorrow, and there’s plenty to choose from! Even the team will be getting in on the fun and playing Sycthe!

Stream Archives Bolt Action Western Desert Boot Camp Trench Battle


If you missed it earlier today here is the full Stream Archive for the Bolt Action battle we played out today between two of the Boot Campers with John and Charlie watching over them to keep a handle on the rules.

As we said, this was a great opportunity to try out some cool rules AND see our trench table in action.

The End Of Day Two


That’s it for the second day of the Boot Camp. Everyone has been enjoying their games of Bolt Action and we have seen a lot of the spot prize Gongs given away already.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the third day of our live coverage and tune in for the Live Let’s Play of Charlie vs John at 11:00 BST. Who shall be named king of the Boot Camp?

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