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Fabled Realms Beta Weekend – Saturday

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4Ground and the Beta Testers have joined us for the Fabled Realms Beta Weekend! Today we're going to be looking at doing some awesome live streaming and following the games in more detail as things unfold here at Beasts of War.

You Could Win!

There's one £500 voucher left to be won from the Fabled Realms Beta Weekend! Get your comment in this week on any or all of the live blogs, we will be choosing the last winner at random from the comments across all 3 days.

Win With The Fabled Realms Kitbash Challenge

Make sure to join us throughout the weekend building your own warbands and you might be one of the lucky people who get to work with 4Ground to build your own character for Fabled Realms and walk away with a Beta Weekend Attendees Box too!

Delve Into The Fabled Realms

Download The Rules

Download The Beta Pack

Make sure to follow along and see how things develop with the legacy mechanics and more this weekend...

Nakchak's Just Giving Charity Page

Raising Money For Cancer Research UK

Get involved!

Fable Realms Beta Weekend Day Two: Livestreamed Gaming Today!


We're back for day two of the Fabled Realms Beta Weekend!

Today we're doing something special with some awesome livestreams which will be running throughout the day, demoing the game and showing off how the mechanics and even some of the legacy mechanics work.

Delve Into The Fabled Realms

Download The Rules

Download The Beta Pack

If you want to check out the live streams they will be running at

10am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 4pm and 7pm for Lore discussion. If you're in the US or Europe then the times are below...

US West Coat: 05:00, 07:30, 09:00, 11:00, 14:00

US East Coast: 02:00, 04:30, 06:00, 08:00, 11:00

Central European Time: 11:00, 13:30, 15:00, 17:00, 20:00

Setting Up For Livestreaming With The 4Ground Team


We're just about to kick off with the livestream here at Beasts of War with two of the 4Ground guys getting stuck into a demo game.

If you want to take part with gaming over the weekend you can download the Beta Kit here...

Delve Into The Fabled Realms

Download The Rules

Download The Beta Pack

Make sure to get your comments into the live chat and Sam will see if he can get them answered for you live!

Setting Up For Livestreaming With The 4Ground Team

First Fabled Realms Games Underway


There are plenty of games underway, some using the warbands which have been built here at the event and others using some of the kitbashed warbands as well that folks have brought along.

This shows the flexibility of the 4Ground guys and their system, allowing you to get stuck in with whatever miniatures you like. We encourage you to do the same...and we'll also be back with the guys here at the beta weekend to find out what they thought of the mechanics too.

First Fabled Realms Games Underway

Gaz Paint's Up His Orc Commander!

Gaz Paint's Up His Orc Commander!15 Comments

4Ground: Fabled Realms Beta Weekend: Sell Swords Faction Chat


Justin sits down with Cad from 4Ground to talk through the Sell Swords faction in Fabled Realms, delving into just how they work and what you might want to do with them going forward.

We'll hopefully be able to see them in action later during the day too so make sure to watch out for that!

Gaming Gets Underway + Some Painting Too!


We have a wander around the gaming hall and see what folks are up to here at the 4Ground Beta Weekend. Make sure to keep an eye out for more of what's happening today as we stop in with some of the gamers and find out how they're doing...

Some of the folks aren't just gaming, they're also doing some painting too!

Gaming Gets Underway + Some Painting Too!

Jared's Drawing His Own Character Cards!

Jared's Drawing His Own Character Cards!11 Comments

Alex & Ian's First Game Underway!


Alex and Ian setting in for one of their first games of Fabled Realms, delving into the game and trying things out with their warbands and working through the mechanics they learned yesterday.

We will certainly be back with them to find out how their game played out later in the day...

Painting Away On Some Awesome Miniatures


We stopped in to have a look at what Annie and Gareth have been doing as they work away at painting their miniatures from the weekend. It's always nice to be able to see what's happening with the hobby beyond the gaming in the Fabled Realms.

Keep an eye out for more finished models as the weekend continues...

Painting Away On Some Awesome Miniatures

Fabled Realms Card Drafting With Andy


We speak with Andy from 4Ground about the card drafting elements available to you in Fabled Realms.

He gives us some sneaky tactics and pointers as to what you might want to take against which warbands...

The Village is in Trouble8 Comments

The Amazing Gaming Tables Of Fabled Realms


Take a journey through the wonderful world of Fabled Realms as we take a magical trip through the different tabletops that we've set up for the weekend.

Tell is which one is your favourite!

Keep An Eye Out For Andreas Giving His Thoughts On Fabled Realms!


We stopped in to check out what Andreas has been doing with his warband for Fabled Realms. It seems like the Gnome Wizard appears to be a very powerful individual indeed, zipping around the battlefield.

Andreas and his opponent While will be talking about their experiences with the game shortly so watch out for more from these guys.

Keep An Eye Out For Andreas Giving His Thoughts On Fabled Realms!

Fabled Realms Beta Weekend: Achievements!


In the Fabled Realms, there are plenty of opportunities to achieve glory! And grab some cool spot prizes.

Cad and I had a look at the various Achievements we have set for our Beta Testers to grab some cool goodies.

Customised Fabled Realms Boxes

Customised Fabled Realms Boxes10 Comments

Fabled Realms Beta Testers Begin Beta Testing


The players have started getting stuck into the rules of Fabled Realms, learning the mechanics and getting a few games on.

Fabled Realms Beta Testers Begin Beta Testing

It will be an even colder day in hell before we let you in!

It will be an even colder day in hell before we let you in!10 Comments

First Demo Game of Fabled Realms - 4Ground Clash


Check out the first Live Stream with the 4Ground team for Fabled Realms Beta Weekend.

First Game with STF Gaming Studio


We get together with the guys from STL Gaming Studio to discuss how their first game of Fabled Realms went.

The guys are more familiar with Lord of the Rings and Hobbit gameplays but this week they're diving deep into Fabled Realms.

Check out their Fabled realms Journey Vlog

Check out their youtube channel

Gaming In The Fabled Realms Continues


We delve into more of the Fabled Realms through the folks here at the Beta Weekend. One of the big things about the day is getting that feedback to the 4Ground guys so we're hoping to catch up with some more people at the end of their games to find out how things are going...

With that in mind watch this space for an awesome livestream coming up featuring Warren and Justin...

Gaming In The Fabled Realms Continues

Talking Weapons With 4Ground Ben


The 4Ground guys haven't just brought their Fabled Realms minis with them, they also brought a selection of the gear you might find on the battlefields of their world!

Ben took me through a couple of the different weapons, their history, and how they would be used.

Tag Amongst The Tombstones

Tag Amongst The Tombstones7 Comments

4Ground Fabled Realms Terrain Talk With Gerry


Gerry the giant has escaped the clutches of the village people and we're checking out the fabulous terrain pieces around the Beasts of War Gaming hall.

With the mats from GameMat EU, Deep Cut Studio and 4Ground terrain buildings I think we've achieved something special for our Beta Testers.

What's your favourite terrain pieces?

We Get Our Weapons Out

We Get Our Weapons Out7 Comments

Cosy Dice Complete Their Painting!


Annie and Gareth from Cosey Dice have already finished painting their Fabled Realms warbands!

Annie is fielding the Mordanburg State Guard, while Gareth has The Sell Sword Guild, and both of them look awesome.

Cosy Dice Complete Their Painting!

Warren’s Elite Warband


We stop in with Warren JUST as he is about to step into his livestreamed game with Justin in order to find out how he is changing up his elite warband for his Fabled Realms game with Justin...

...what do you think of his plans?

Everybody's Gaming & Having Fun


A lot of folks who would normally be hobbying are instead looking to do some gaming this weekend which is nice to see. Folks are enjoying putting together their warband and having a bash - even some people who wouldn't normally have had a go at tabletop gaming.

Fabled Realms also allows you to build your own models and stat them up which is neat, and some of the gamers have been doing just that, working with the beta rules to create their own warbands.

Others, like Tim, have been working on some nice incidental pieces of terrain like this ballista.

Do you think Fabled Realms is a system that could get people into tabletop skirmish gaming?

Everybody's Gaming & Having Fun

Talking Armour With 4Ground Ben


We have talked weapons, and now we're talking armour with Ben from 4Ground. Once again, this is a world grounded in some form of Historical reality so these are the kind of things you might get inspiration from for your own force.

Maybe the rusted look is something you could use for the Sell Swords for example?

Andy’s Painting Corner


Andy is one of the best painters out there and gets the job done on all manner of miniatures, both great and small. So, Sam sat in with him to talk about painting the massive Terror that you can get for Fabled Realms.

How would you approach this mighty beast?

Taking Aim...

Taking Aim...6 Comments

First Fabled Realms Game With Kerry!


Kerry is playing his first Fabled Realms game with his partner, delving into the mechanics of the game on the awesome summer side of the table and possibly my second favourite table, the one with the Witch's Hut up in the mountains.

Have you played around with the rules and if so how are you finding your first games?

The Terror Is Abroad!


Some of the guys are playing a game where one of the warband members is trapped within a wagon in the middle of the board. Whilst we think that they might get free...there is a Terror that has other ideas.

One of the big draws for the game is the narrative gameplay, and as you can see here the game does invoke a great sense of scale and Fantasy awesomeness on the tabletop.

The Terror Is Abroad!

4Ground: Fabled Realms Beta Weekend - Mordenburg Faction Chat


We sit in with Cad again to take a look at the Mordenburg Faction for the world of Fabled Realms. Are these guys one of the factions that you'd like to try out in this game from 4Ground?

How would you make your own version of the Mordenburg Guard?

The STF Guys Go Head To Head


Andréas and While jump into the cage for a head to head battle of Fabled Realms. Who will come out the victor? time will tell.

Make sure to check out what they've been doing on their own Youtube Channel too HERE.

Come & Check Out The Kitbashing Competition


Here are just some of the characters that have already come together as part of the Kitbashing Competition as part of this weekend. You can win some goodies if you take part in the forum topic here...

...and of course, if you comment below with any of your thoughts on Kitbashing for Fabled Realms you might win yourself a voucher too.

Come & Check Out The Kitbashing Competition

Get Back Here!

Get Back Here!11 Comments

Busy Beta Testing


Now that everyone has had a game or two, they are starting to explore the rules further.

Some are getting stuck into making their own warbands, while others are finding ways to tweak and improve the Beta rules.

Busy Beta Testing

Fabled Realms Feedback with Alex & Ian


The guys from earlier give us a lovely review of how they felt their games of Fabled Realms went.

What are some of the suggestions you would like to see?

Rulebook & Minis Chat With Gaz


We take a look at the work that Gaz has been doing painting up his forces before he gets stuck into the world of Fabled Realms.

He usually spends a lot of time painting up miniatures at these weekends but this time around he is working on getting in some games later on today and throughout Sunday as well.

Listening In On The Livestream!

Listening In On The Livestream!7 Comments

Unleashing the Wrath of the White Tiger Demo Game - Justin Vs Warren


It's the Fabled Realms game you've been waiting for, Justin Vs Warren.

Will the experience aid Justin on the battlefield or will Warren be able to flank the rear and take him from disadvantage, place your bets in the comments below!

Curry Chips Time!

Curry Chips Time!8 Comments

Fabled Realms Lore & Background Chat


Cad and Ben from 4Ground answer some of the questions for the background and lore of the Fabled Realms universe.

Have you got any further questions for the writers of Fabled Realms, stick them in the comments below!

Loving Curry Time!


Come and take a peek at the awesome food that we got tonight. Lloyd really enjoyed it...

...can't beat curry and chips right?

Loving Curry Time!

What Mysterious Contraption Is This?

What Mysterious Contraption Is This?7 Comments

What's Gaz Building?


The banner image you saw below belongs to Gaz who was going to be getting in some gameplay. BUT, he thought he would stop in and do a bit of kitbashing first...and it looks like quite the monster!

Stop back tomorrow and find out how it turns out?

Time For An End Of Day Kitbash


As we wind down for day two, everyone grabs themselves some gear and get kitbashing.

One of the great things about Fabled Realms is it encourages you to see what minis you can make, letting you expand your warbands with some unique minis of your own.

Time For An End Of Day Kitbash

Fabled Realms Kitbashing Tonight! Come Back Tomorrow For More!


We stop in for a final video to talk about what's coming as part of the kitbashing effort tonight. People are tinkering around making all sorts of cool characters and troops.

Make sure to come back tomorrow when we show off everyone's efforts. We have some awesome things lined up including a bit of a battle royale too.

But Wait, There's More - Fabled Realms Beta Weekend: The Office Choir


We can't help but sing whilst we're working it seems.

Admittedly, I don't think we're very good. See you tomorrow folks 🙂

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I’m 4 hours ahead of you at the moment, but tuning in for updates. Have a great day and send lots of info on Fabled Realms, this one looks like a ‘keeper’

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Let’s hope for less John abuse today!!!


This looks fun! Loved the game map in the video!


How long are the live blogs for each go around?


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Should be able to watch 2 of the live streams before I have to go out. Have really enjoyed the coverage so far, was glued to the PC last night waiting for the next post! Have a fabulous time today all, seething with jealousy here! 😉


Also when will Warren and Justin face off? Ben vs Cad?


Mel has done a great job on the map.
This version add life to Jared’s version.

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All set up for a day watching and painting.

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Today should be a blast!!!

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Just tuned in the live Stream. Would love to play over this table myself

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Woo hoo day 2! My wife wants me to go out in a bit, I dont think she understands 🙁


Ace campaign map, really immersive!


So looking forward to receiving my stuff from the Kickstarter for this. Wished I’d backed to be at the beta weekend now 🙁
Have fun guys, loving the videos so far


That campaign map is awesome guys, love the details on it


The feature snow table is absolutely awesome


This looks better and better every time I see it! Moving the snowy village.


By which I obviously meant ‘loving the snowy village.’ Or possibly ‘moved to tears by the snowy village.’

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The terrain tutor’s (Mel’s) map is awesome!

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Watching on twitch and super impressed again by what the guys have pulled off with the tables. Very much wish I was there. The game looks great and I will have to check out the beta rules.

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This makes it even harder to keep my patience for this game. I want my 3rd Incursion pledge from the kickstarter now


I am very excited about Fabled Realms!

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First exposire the Fabled Realms but the more I watch, the more I can see what the guys from 4Ground are on about with the change to the dice.
Kudos for that. I’ve seen enough game creators defend their babies come hell or high water and making a change like that after feedback takes an open mindset that gives me hope for the system going to the succeed.
Best of luck to you all and looking forward to the rest of the weekend!

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Great first demo, really good to watch.


Good streaming!… I would like to know what new bands are coming in the future


It would be great to see a more advanced game.


The Livestream was a brilliant addition to the BootCamp thingy!


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