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Flames Of War D-Day Boot Camp: Friday

Flames Of War D-Day Boot Camp: Friday

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Come and join us for an awesome weekend of content as we're hanging out with the Battlefront Miniatures team and our community members as we get stuck into Flames Of War to commemorate D-Day.

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We've got lots of awesome content lined up over the weekend including hobby videos, interviews, history lessons and of course plenty of gameplay and action from the Boot Camp itself.

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Make sure you check out all of the offerings from Battlefront Miniatures and let us know which faction you'll be picking.

Blogging At This Event:

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Meet The Boot Campers! - Time To Get Hobbying


There are plenty of Boot Campers here this weekend, including a few first timers who are ready for their very first experience of Flames of War.

John talked to a couple of them to see how they’re getting on, as well as Warren who is returning once again to the fields of WWII.

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Catching Up With Boot Campers


We stop off for a chat with Boot Campers Martin and Stefan, to find out how they’re getting on with the Flames of War boot camp.

Martin has been getting to grips with the 15mm scale figures, while Stefan has his eye on some of the fantastic gaming tables for his first game.

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Warren's Germans Get Some Colour


Warren has been hobbying up a storm, and has even made a start to adding some colour to his German army.

Having had a thought on what colours will work best for these tiny fighting figures, Warren whips out his air brush and gets stuck into painting.

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We Return To Warren's Airbrushing


We come back to find out how Warren’s doing with his airbrushing and he looks ready for his very own 3 Colours Up.

Warren is adding a zenith to his miniatures, using the airbrush to add some texture and shade to these 15mm miniatures.

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Teach these kids well. Used to be you could find history book about this war in school libraries. Much harder now.

Cult of Games Member

OK that’s Friday caught up and half a unit of Unmarried Zulu skin painted, onto Saturday 🙂

Cult of Games Member

The table look amazing.

Cult of Games Member

Looks like a lot of fun there guys. Beautiful tables, looking forward to seeing the games over the weekend.

Cult of Games Member

Awesome stuff. Whish I could have been there!


Wow your UKGE coverage was so massive I just finished it, Looking forward to this bootcamp..Bring it on.

Cult of Games Member

I wish that I had been able to watch it as it happened. Going back and watching it for all of the fun content while painting some figures.

Cult of Games Member

Finally getting a chance to catch up with everything. Was a good weekend of gaming and hobby!


I’ve been waiting for these releases and it just seems great. Very good value, so much things, pretty inexpensive compared to some other wargames. This will draw people into it for sure.

Cult of Games Member

Catching up on my FoW tonight!