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Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp: Day Three

Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp: Day Three

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We're rounding off the Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp with more battles and we'll see how the campaign plays out on the tabletop that's been going on over the last few days. We've had a massive amount of fun getting stuck into the new rules and exploring how it's coming together as a game.

Competition Details

We're going to be running a competition for those who comment on the Boot Camp throughout the weekend. All you have to do is comment on the post here on the Live Blog to be in with a chance of winning...

  • Flames Of War 4th Edition Rulebook
  • Desert Rats Sourcebook
  • Afrika Korps Sourcebook
  • Rommel’s Afrika Korps Starter Army
  • Monty’s Desert Rats Starter Army
  • 25pdr Field Troop
  • 8.8cm Heavy AA Platoon

If you want to pick up your own force for Flames Of War you can check out the two armies we're using with Monty's Desert RatsRommel's Afrika Korp.

You can also get all your Flames Of War 4th Edition Launch Weekend information from the Battlefront website.

Special Thanks To

BattlefrontThe Army Painter

We hope that you enjoy the weekend and get stuck into some World War II antics with us!

The Sands of El Alamein Campaign – Making Your Own Campaigns


We stop in with Jim (oriskany) for the final day of the Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp and talk with him about how you make your own campaigns.

There can be a LOT of work involved with these but they are a lot of fun as you've been seeing here throughout the weekend as part of the Boot Camp.

If you have any tips and tricks for your own campaigns on the tabletop don't hesitate to drop them into the comments below!

Morning Games - Training For The Big Push


We're seeing a few more engagements come together for the Flames Of War Boot Camp this morning as they play out a final round of games before we move onto the BIG event later on today.

There is going to be one hell of a fight over the railroad...but before that we need to find out how the British and Germans are doing since last nights revelations.

Keep an eye out for more soon. Also, how cool do the tank tracks look when they've been left in the sand!?

Morning Games - Training For The Big Push

Fight For The Railroad...Coming Soon!

Fight For The Railroad...Coming Soon!27 Comments

Building With John - Afrika Korps Tiger Heavy Tank


We stop in for another build video for today with John as he paints up the Tiger Heavy Tank for the Germans and the Afrika Korps.

This is one of the sets that is going to be coming out in platoon for later on down the line from Flames Of War. So, if you're liking the look of it this should be a good build guide for you to get stuck into.

John & Justin Squeeze In A Game


Getting prepped for the full on battle John steps away from the hobby table to try his hand at a game with his force of British tanks and artillery.

He's facing off against Justin and we'll be stopping in a little later to see how things are going after a few turns of play.

John & Justin Squeeze In A Game

Masking Techniques With Will - How Did It Turn Out?


John steps in and talks with Will about the masking technique he was using on his tanks to see how it turned out. It seems like it really was a pretty awesome use of an ingenious substance to get some very nice clean designs.

With that in mind we'd love to see how other people come up with camouflage techniques on the tabletop. This seems like a quick and easy way to do it though...if you have some faith in the hobby Gods!

John’s Camouflage Scheme Plans


John is control of the British and he's going to be trying out his camouflage scheme on the tanks he picked up for the Boot Camp.

They sound like they're going to be a very detailed set so it will be fun seeing how this turns out later down the line. Also, anyone for anymore of John interviewing himself?

Flames In The Desert

Flames In The Desert37 Comments

John & Justin Square Off!


We find out how the game between Justin and John went and who thinks they're going to be coming out on top. Justin thinks he has the upper hand...John thinks differently.

Either way we've got a potential grudge match on our hands when the guys come to battling it out on the tabletop later in a big final game.

Food Time At The Boot Camp!


It's time to get stuck in and grab some grub from the Boot Camp.

The Boot Campers are going to need a hearty meal before they start fighting over the railroad at El Alamein

Food Time At The Boot Camp!

Enjoying The Boot Camp? Come Along To Our RuneWars/Army Painter Hobby Weekend!


If you\'ve been enjoying following the Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp make sure to come and check out our next Hobby Weekend featuring The Army Painter AND the epic RuneWars: Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games.

We\'re going to be running a chilled weekend where you will be building and painting your armies for the Daqan (Humans) and the Waiqar (Undead) whilst also getting in a few battles too.

If you\'re interested check out this post here for more information...

Campaign Mega Game - Introduction


We stop in with Jim, Mike and Igor to find out how the campaign mega game is going to work.

It's going to be pretty hectic but we're going to be following the action from one turn to the next and seeing how the achievements get unlocked too!

Achievement Unlocked - Objective Rush!


It's not even begun properly yet and someone has already won themselves some goodies from the pool of awesomeness.

Walking away with a signed rulebook we have bothi who got to the objective first!

The Game In Action!


Things are hotting up across the tabletop as we see each of the sides racing for the centre. We're going to have a catch-up with Mike soon who will give us a recap on the game so far.

For now, take in the awesomeness and see what's happening as the tanks trundle into place for a battle to end all battles in the desert.

The Game In Action!

Campaign Mega Game - Turn #1 Round Up


We stop in with the gamers and find out how Turn #1 has gone. It looks like the British have really pushed out in force to try and take the objective from the Germans.

Will this be a winning move or are we going to find ourselves facing some German guns blasting apart the British armour?

Wrecked Armour Litters The Battlefield


While the British have been able to push forwards in good order they were then blasted by the Germans in return. They were able to hold some of the objectives for a little while but the German guns don't tire.

While we're seeing a lot of fire escaping from the hatches of these tanks that doesn't mean they are down and out. There's much more to come and both sides have a chance to be exceptionally heroic today!

Wrecked Armour Litters The Battlefield

Campaign Mega Game - Turn #2 Round Up


We're catching up with things from the other end of the table for the end of Turn #2.

As you can imagine things have really been going dangerously for the British. Maybe one of their commanders has actually got the right idea and hung back, ready to counterattack against the German push.

Achievement Unlocked - Behind Enemy Lines


We find out just how sneaky the British can be as they slide in behind the rear of the German army and win themselves some goodies in the process.

Powering ahead they have pushed behind enemy lines and sighted the rear of the German tanks. Will they be able to cause from havoc?

Campaign Mega Game - Turn #3 Round Up (Jim VS Dave)


We're getting stuck into the middle of the battle now with Jim and Dave as they fight out a rather cautious battle around the objective.

The British hung back here, looking to sucker the Germans in. Will they be able to withstand the withering amount of firepower coming in from the British and hold the objective?

We shall have to see how this one turns out by the end of the day. Are we soon seeing the flanks cracking too?

Blood On The Sand, Smoke In The Skies


As we mentioned in our round-up video it seems like things are really coming towards a crunch time here on the tabletop. Flanks are breaking, armies are eyeing up their next targets, and it looks like some people are regretting their choice of tactics.

With that in mind we'd love to hear about any of the big mega games that you might be running for Flames Of War, or indeed any World War II games.

Get stuck in and let us know how you'd approach a game like El Alamein? Maybe we could get some Bolt Action into the mix too?

Blood On The Sand, Smoke In The Skies

Achievement Unlocked - Broken Force


It looks like the first cracks are appearing in the line as the British have been routed and their force broken, turning the wheel of fortune in favour of the Germans.

Are they going to be able to make it work for them?

Achievement Unlocked - Side Armour Kill


It didn't take long! Some British Tanks swung round to exploit the German flank and have taken some pot shots at their side armour.

It's always good to see the underdogs doing well considering things are starting to turn badly against the British. Will they be able to hold out with some good shooting?

What's That Coming Over The Hill?

What's That Coming Over The Hill?33 Comments

Campaign Mega Game - Turn #4 Round Up (British Flank Collapses)


We come back at the end of Turn #4 to see how things are doing for the British. Well...not well. The flanks have collapsed and they are pooling towards a fight in the middle of the tabletop.

How are things going to be resolved now that the forces are becoming more unmatched? We shall have to wait and see.

The Battle Hangs On The Edge


The battle is currently hanging on a little bit of a cliff edge as the flanks are breaking and things are focusing in towards the centre of the battlefield.

However, there are still stalwart sections of both armies valiantly fighting it out to the last to try and prevent a wash of vehicles moving up the field and into battle with their comrades.

This really has turned into quite the cinematic experience and people are really enjoying getting stuck into things, and generally having a good bit of fun!

The Battle Hangs On The Edge

Campaign Mega Game - Turn #5 Round Up (German Flank Collapses)


While the British lost their one flank, so have the Germans! Things are swinging towards the centre and Justin is...well...dead. No bones about it, he has fallen foul of the British!

Now the fight moves up the centre of the board towards where Jim (oriskany) is holed up. Will they be able to survive?

Safe As...Houses?

Safe As...Houses?34 Comments

Campaign Mega Game - Turn #6 Round Up (Desperate Defence)


We stop off quickly to see how things are going at the end up this turn because things could be swinging any way right now.

The combat really has focused in on some brutal close quarters tank battling. It truly is special seeing the tabletop as it is, exploding with awesomeness. This has been a great Mega Game.

Time To Push The Line


Because of the way the game is set up some of the tables can't move up until they have managed to wipe out their opponent.

That means, mirroring a breakdown in communications, that we've ended up with some reinforcements not being able to push in towards the places where they are sorely needed.

Come back soon to see how this all wraps up.

Time To Push The Line

Side Battle Prize Winner


As well as the main Mega Battle we've also been focusing in on some awesome battles elsewhere too.

With that in mind, we had to give out a prize, to celebrate them battling it out to help secure another battlefield on the campaign map.

Campaign Mega Game - Turn #7 Round Up (The Tide Turns)


We focus in on some key moments of the battle as things come towards their climax. With that in mind this truly has been rather fantastic.

The tank battles of 4th Edition are a lot easier to play out and the changes in the rules make FoW a very fluid game indeed.

Achievement Unlocked - Commander Killer


In the dying moments Tom was able to snag himself an awesome Achievement as his HQ was able to take out the enemy HQ unit.

This fellow has been holding out like a true champion throughout the whole battle and he has properly earned his stripes as a military commander.

Check Out Noyjatat's Desert Army!


Working exceptionally hard over the weekend Noyjatat from the community got stuck in and painted up his entire force over the last few days.

I think the models look fantastic and it's great to see someone approaching this from the hobby point of view rather than the gaming one. Both facets of our hobby are equally awesome!

How would you approach painting up your force?

Check Out Noyjatat's Desert Army!

Flames of War Bootcamp Overview


We wanted to put together a nice piece to show off what it was like getting stuck into the Boot Camp over the past few days. We really hope you enjoyed following along.

Make sure to check back for more Flames Of War content soon, and we hope you make it out to a Boot Camp in the near future to spend some time with us and your fellow community members.

Campaign Mega Game - Turn #8 Round Up: The Germans Win El Alamein!


And so we come to the end of the Mega Game...and the end of the Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp.

The Germans have rerouted history and changed things in their favour. Now the Germans might be able to delay future endeavours by the Allies and stop their plans.

It's now up to you gamers to find out what happened next. If you play out some games following on from this we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for watching and following along!

Boot Camp...Over & Out! Thanks For Following Along!

Boot Camp...Over & Out! Thanks For Following Along!41 Comments

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What a beautiful sunny day… oh yes, sometimes that big ball of thermonuclear fire and plasma is visible from Ireland. Now, back to the Desert War 🙂 Half a dozen update to drool over


Looks good from the perspective of someone who has never played but is into history. Can anyone suggest a good way to get into playing to see if I like it, but without needing to buy and assemble a huge force first.


Well battlefront are releasing a El Alamein starter set for v4. It includes a mini v4 rules, the cards, 1 grant and 2 crusaders and 1 panzer iii and 1 panzer iv. It’s rrp is £25 and you get some card terrain in the box plus dice and unit cards.

That’s probably you’re easy entry point into v4. From there you can expand with the full army boxes.

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This boot camp is awesome.