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Army Painter RuneWars Hobby Weekend Live Blog – Sunday

Army Painter RuneWars Hobby Weekend Live Blog – Sunday

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Join us for another day of awesomeness here at BoW HQ in Northern Ireland as we get ready for a grand RuneWars battle thanks to Fantasy Flight Games and The Army Painter crew!

With our armies painted up and ready for action, it's time to don our helmets, sharpen our swords and head to battle!

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Fantasy Flight GamesThe Army Painter

Which RuneWars faction would you pick?

Welcome To Sunday!


It's Sunday and we're powering through plenty more hobby tips, painting tutorials and a bit of gameplay here at the Hobby Weekend with Army Painter and RuneWars from Fantasy Flight Games.

Come and join us and remember that we have some epic goodies up for grabs for your own hobby time.

The Army Painter Method - A Finished Daqan Force


We see how The Army Painter method looks across an entire force. Here we have the Daqan forces, the Humans, from RuneWars, painted up using simple and effective methods.

As you can see they look great with some basing adding to the overall scheme and they have been tied together well. As you can see there's even a new commander in there leading the way.

The Army Painter Method - A Finished Daqan Force

Learn To Play RuneWars: The Miniatures Game


Justin steps into a couple of rounds of play with our demo guy, Az, as he runs you through the basics of the game; enough for you to get your own games in and learn how to battle it out with the forces of the Daqan and the Waiqar.

Follow along and let us know what you think of the game so far as we learn more about the advanced rules too AND the tactical nuances behind it.

You'll find yourself looking a few turns ahead with this game!

The Army Painter Method – A Finished Waiqar Force


We take a look at another of the finished armies using the Army Painter method. This time it's the Waiqar, the undead from RuneWars.

As you can see this is another simple scheme which provides you with a wonderful looking army in a matter of days (maybe even hours).

Basing is a big part of this and we have plenty of great tips on basing coming up soon.

The Army Painter Method – A Finished Waiqar Force

John's Painting Tutorial - Rune Golem


Join John as he paints up the Rune Golem from the RuneWars boxed set. As you can see this is a great model to have some fun with.

How would you approach painting up your Rune Golem for the Daqan Forces?

Follow The Steps...

Follow The Steps...31 Comments

How to Base Your Miniatures


We check in with The Army Painter guys and show off how to base your miniatures using some of their tips and techniques.

This takes no time what-so-ever and allows you to get stuck into basing a whole army in no time at all.

Bentley’s Army


See what you think of the work that Bentley has put into his army over the weekend. As you can see there are a few more steps to do along the way but most of the force is finished and it's looking epic.

What do you think of the force and would you attempt this colour scheme?

Bentley’s Army

The History Of Army Painter


We talked with the guys from Army Painter, Bo and Jonas, to talk about the history of Army Painter and how it all came together for them...and what lies ahead too.

Lunch Time


A nice meal lies ahead for us as we get to the middle of the day and work through some delicious sandwiches and then prepare for more painting and gaming over the next few hours.

Lunch Time

What A Wonderful World...


Who would have thought that gamers would have such sweet singing voices...

...or maybe we don't, but it shows our amount of camaraderie here!

Mel The Terrain Tutor Gets Stuck Into His Army


Mel has been here all weekend working away and at the moment he's getting stuck into the final steps on a series of infantry units, although his Rune Golem is just superb.

We really like what he's been doing and make sure to check out his Youtube Channel Here:

Mel The Terrain Tutor Gets Stuck Into His Army

Tim's Mariachi Leader


We focus in on what Tim has been doing as he paints up his Mariachi Leader and the rest of his dirty, rotten, brutalised skeletons for his Undead army.

Do you prefer the dirty of the clean look for your forces on the tabletop?

Lance's Black Beauty


As you know, Lance has been tinkering away on some horses across the entire of the weekend. Now he has moved onto his dark and brooding piece titled Black Beauty.

We can really see a sense of darkness and foreboding coming across from this miniature...a perfect artistic piece.

Lance's Black Beauty

Ben’s Christmas Army


Justin stops in with Ben to find out how it has been working on the live blog AND painting up his forces for the tabletop.

He has been working away on the Daqan and gone with what appears to be a bit of a Christmas theme featuring red, green and plenty of tinsel...I mean silver.

Proud Of His Golem!

Proud Of His Golem!31 Comments

John's Painting Tutorial - Carrion Lancer


We sit down for another painting tutorial from John as he shows off what you can do to make the Carrion Lancer look great.

As you can see the techniques on show here really do reveal a fantastic method for painting up a larger creature in your Waiqar force.

Some Gaming Underway


We have some of the gamers playing out a demo game or two to get used to the rule of the game. It's neat seeing it all coming together.

The winter 4Ground table has proved to be a very good gaming table to play out battles on.

Some Gaming Underway

Gareth's Weekend Inspiration


We find out more about Gareth's inspiration for building up his army which might have been brought to the fore by World of Warcraft.

Can you guess what his inspiration was and what do you make of the final product?

Watch Out For Lloyd's Slushy Snow Base Technique...

Watch Out For Lloyd's Slushy Snow Base Technique...28 Comments

Daniel's Army


We take a look at Daniel's army and see how it has progressed over the past few days.

Things are powering on and we have some fantastic galleries to show off where we have plenty of interesting looking armies to get stuck into.

Armies On Parade #1


Come and take a look at some of the armies that we've been working on for the world of RuneWars as part of this Hobby Weekend.

This is one of the green Daqan forces that looks fantastic, mixing some of the tried and tested Army Painter techniques with some additional awesomeness thrown in for good measure.

Armies On Parade #1

Lloyd's Frosted Snow Bases


Come and take a look at what Lloyd has been tinkering away on. Here we have his techniques for snow bases and frost, allowing for a slushy, icy mix.

As you can see it looks very effective and creates a fascinating look which makes for some cool 'White Walker' skeletons.

Armies On Parade #3


Now we check out another of the Daqan Forces for the world of RuneWars, this time with an entirely different technique being put into play.

This also was inspired by Warcraft and you can see this crossing throughout the range.

Armies On Parade #3

A Wonderful Hobby Weekend


We've really enjoyed ourselves this weekend as we got to sit down and just paint away on our armies and get really stuck into the processes.

It's been awesome seeing this all come to life and we've also had some time to play some games too.

Armies On Parade #4


Here we have another of the armies on parade, this time focusing in on the Undead from Waiqar. This is done with a ghostly theme which brings together a fantastic look for these shade-like Undead.

If you're looking to do an awesome set of miniatures quickly this would make for a fantastic army.

Armies On Parade #4

I've Finished A Base Of Four!


Yes, that's right peeps!

I've got a whole base of four done including a bit of white dry brushing to make the skeletons extra frosty looking.

I think it's really helped with the White Walker theme 🙂

I've Finished A Base Of Four!

Mel's Finished Daqan Army


We dive in and check out the awesome work from Mel, TheTerrainTutor, who has finished off his Daqan force from RuneWars.

The basing is yet to be done because he is taking the army home to play with his daughter and they need to work out what kind of tabletop they're going to design before they can move on to the basing!

Follow Mel HERE:

Mel's Finished Daqan Army

Boot Camp Round Up!


We finish off this weekend's Live Blog for our Hobby Weekend with a big thank you to the folks from Army Painter as they showed off how to paint up some awesome armies.

Here is a run down of some of the armies done by our Hobby Weekend attendees. Make sure to follow us in the future for more on RuneWars and beyond!

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I was so impressed with the results everyone achieved on this weekend, and I thought the basing really looked superb.

Cult of Games Member

From an outsiders perspective this has been the hobby weekend/bootcamp that I have gotten the most out of. Many hints and tips that I’ll have to try out. Great work everyone!

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While you guys were playing and painting this all weekend i was playing the Star Wars Destiny, Spirit of Rebellion pre release. There are just so many amazing games and so little time to play them.

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Wish I could have been there just to work on my painting skills. Especially to work on the “speed” aspect.


This looks like it could be really fun…

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