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Army Painter RuneWars Hobby Weekend Live Blog – Sunday

Army Painter RuneWars Hobby Weekend Live Blog – Sunday

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Join us for another day of awesomeness here at BoW HQ in Northern Ireland as we get ready for a grand RuneWars battle thanks to Fantasy Flight Games and The Army Painter crew!

With our armies painted up and ready for action, it's time to don our helmets, sharpen our swords and head to battle!

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Fantasy Flight GamesThe Army Painter

Which RuneWars faction would you pick?

Some Gaming Underway


We have some of the gamers playing out a demo game or two to get used to the rule of the game. It's neat seeing it all coming together.

The winter 4Ground table has proved to be a very good gaming table to play out battles on.

Some Gaming Underway

Lloyd's Frosted Snow Bases


Come and take a look at what Lloyd has been tinkering away on. Here we have his techniques for snow bases and frost, allowing for a slushy, icy mix.

As you can see it looks very effective and creates a fascinating look which makes for some cool 'White Walker' skeletons.

I've Finished A Base Of Four!


Yes, that's right peeps!

I've got a whole base of four done including a bit of white dry brushing to make the skeletons extra frosty looking.

I think it's really helped with the White Walker theme 🙂

I've Finished A Base Of Four!

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I was so impressed with the results everyone achieved on this weekend, and I thought the basing really looked superb.

Cult of Games Member

From an outsiders perspective this has been the hobby weekend/bootcamp that I have gotten the most out of. Many hints and tips that I’ll have to try out. Great work everyone!

Cult of Games Member

While you guys were playing and painting this all weekend i was playing the Star Wars Destiny, Spirit of Rebellion pre release. There are just so many amazing games and so little time to play them.

Cult of Games Member

Wish I could have been there just to work on my painting skills. Especially to work on the “speed” aspect.


This looks like it could be really fun…

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