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UK Games Expo 2017 Live Blog – Saturday

UK Games Expo 2017 Live Blog – Saturday

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We're diving back into the awesomeness of the UK Games Expo here in Birmingham at the NEC and Hilton Metropole. We've had a cracking time so far and we're only getting started...

UK Games Expo Saturday

We hope you've been following along and as we continue to delve into more of the games and events going on here you should let us know what you want us to see!

What's On & Helpful Links

To give you a rundown of what's happening at the event we have some helpful links for you...

We hope to meet up with you all at the event to so if you see us around make sure to come on over and say hi.

Prize Pool - Comment To Win!

Make sure to also comment on the various posts throughout the Live Blog to be in with the chance of winning some great prizes.

Are you joining us?

Welcome To Day Two At The UK Games Expo!


Come and check out what’s going on at the UK Games Expo here for Day Two. We’ve got loads to get stuck into so make sure to delve in and find out more from the vendors and attendees.

Watch the show, follow along with the playlist and see what’s on.

Buzzing Around The Tabletop With Nimbee


We stop in to talk about this awesome looking little game called Nimbee which has you playing as buzzy bees trying to come out on top as you race around the hive.

The gameplay takes no time at all to get into and once  you've played a few games you'll begin to develop some interesting tactics.

Someone Has Keeled Over With Board Game Fatigue

Someone Has Keeled Over With Board Game Fatigue10 Comments

Quick & Easy Games - First Date, Colour Brain & Chameleon


We stop in with Big Potato Games and discuss three of their quick and easy party games which might be great for non-gamers and series tabletop fans.

We have First Date which is a bit risque for couples, Colour Brain which explores some interesting mechanics and Chameleon which is a mix between Codenames and Spyfall for those in the know.

Come and check them out here at the convention.

What Is Your Game Face #GamePlan

What Is Your Game Face #GamePlan6 Comments

Come And Play Games At The Playtest Area


Come and learn more about the Playtest Area where you can dive in and check out some of the developer that are showing off their product here today.

The Playtest Area gets you an easy way to dive in and check out what's coming in the near future and what's available now.

Come & Play Star Trek: Ascendancy With Gale Force Nine


Come on over to the Gale Force Nine booth and make sure to check out Star Trek: Ascendancy here.

This game puts you in the boots of leaders of the Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulans although there are plenty of expansions coming.

Warlord Talk Doctor Who & Test Of Honour & Win These Games!


Warlord Games are sitting down and talking through what you can expect from Exterminate! The Doctor Who Miniatures Games, and Test of Honour, which is their skirmishing Samurai game too.

Come and learn about the games today AND you could win yourself a copy of both by commenting below!

Colour Chess & Stakbots Take Shape On The Tabletop


Come and find out what's happening with these quirky little games called Colour Chess and StakBots here at the event.

One of these games is focused on twisting the idea of chess and the other, StakBots, is a great game which is fun, cutthroat and more besides.

Become A Backstabbing Spy With Nightlancer


Join us as we take a look at Nightlancer and find out what's happening with this game where you're trying to work together and yet also make sure you come out on top.

Do you like the look of this one?

Devil Pig Games Talk Heroes Of Normandie & Karnage + Win Prizes!


We stop in with Devil Pig Games who are going to be delving into what they have here on Heroes Of Normandie and Karnage, two of their great games here at the event.

They are also giving away some awesome prizes which include Heroes Of Normandie Pointe Du Hoc & Kharnage Devil Pig Army

Revel In Cthulhu Weirdness With Chaosium + Win A Prize!


Cthulhu is sometimes hard to get into, what with all the weirdness, so this company, Chaosium, are looking to get you into the mix with a whole bunch of sourcebooks and more.

You could actually win yourself a H.P. Lovecraft For Beginners book which would be perfect for those just starting out.

Find Out What Monolith Are Plotting With Batman: The Board Game


Monolith are heading to Kickstarter soon with their Batman: The Board Game project and we stopped in to find out a bit more about what they have planned.

You can actually check out the game yourself as they are running demos throughout the weekend. So, make sure you stop by.

Deep In Thought

Deep In Thought5 Comments

Osprey Games Talk Lost Expedition + Win The Game


If you're a big fan of Osprey Games and their current selection of board and card games which are on offer then come and meet Jo who talks about what is here to play at the event.

You can also win yourself a copy of Lost Expedition for you to play at home!

Find Out How To Play Daring Dustbunnies


See what you think about this game of Daring Dustbunnies where you push your luck to see if you can avoid being dragged into the hoover!

Will you be giving this one a go and delving into the charity side of things with this too when you get a chance for a demo game?

Ben Has A Chat With Joe On All Things Frostgrave


It's always great to catch up with Joe and hear all about what's new and exciting with Frostgrave. There's just something magical about putting together your band of adventurers in whichever way you'd like (especially if there's a way to work in a dwarf or two!).

How have you been enjoying Frostgrave? Be sure to comment for your chance to win.

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Cult of Games Member

wish we had a show like this in australia


I dont know if I should be happy or not that I couldnt go. Ofcourse I missed a lot, but I would have to sell my house to be able to get all great stuff on the expo…


Who does want a house full of games

Cult of Games Member

Geez, both Ben and Justin, you had a chance to interview live women, women, and fluffed it.


Good coverage. We were down on Saturday, it was well organised and lots to see. I particularly enjoyed Batman and Dark Souls, although I’m waiting to see if DS comes down in price a bit before taking the plunge..


Awesome stuff!

Cult of Games Member

Great coverage guys and gals! So many great games and more coming soon really looking forward to Fabled Realms!


great coverage

Cult of Games Member

Love to watch the coverage of these shows.


Couldn’t make it for the first time in 4 years! Great to get to see some of it here


Those hawk mini’s are looking pretty good!


Thank you guys for the great coverage. Any chance you will be at Origins this year?

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