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UK Games Expo 2017 Live Blog – Sunday

UK Games Expo 2017 Live Blog – Sunday

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It's time for us to power on with the final day of our Live Blog coverage here at the UK Games Expo as we check out more of the games and events that have caught our eye here in Birmingham at the NEC and Hilton Metropole. UK Games Expo Sunday We hope that you've been enjoying yourself and if you haven't been able to find us make sure to catch up with us before we head home!

What's On & Helpful Links

To give you a rundown of what's happening at the event we have some helpful links for you...

We hope to meet up with you all at the event to so if you see us around make sure to come on over and say hi.

Prize Pool - Comment To Win!

Make sure to also comment on the various posts throughout the Live Blog to be in with the chance of winning some great prizes. Are you joining us?

The Most Prizes We've Ever Given Away At A Show


Good morning from day 3 at UK Games Expo! We're out an about still finding new and interesting things to show you guys, so make sure you get your comments in for your chance to win these amazing prizes including, boardgames, card games, terrain, miniatures games and more!

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Justin Talks Ball Monsters


Justin talks with Chris from Macrocosm Games about Ball Monsters, these balls are monsters on a wide scale that can be used in RPGs as well as other games.

An Epic Viking Clash at UKGE


The Vikings have been a fixture at the UK Games Expo for several years, but this year we are bigger and better than ever! Ardenweard are a group based in North Warwickshire, part of The Vikings society which has been going since 1971.

We made sure and take the time to catch one of their demonstrations and we were not disappointed.

Make sure and catch a show today:

Timetable for all days:
10am Open to the public on the Beach
10.30am Weapons Display and Skirmish in the Arena
12.30pm Hrothgar’s Saga and Kiddie Vike in the Arena
3.30pm Main Battle in the Arena

See What You Think Of The Czech Games Collection


We got to stop in with the guys from Czech Games to find out what games you can play here at the event. They have all manner of cool games to pick up which run the gambit between those which are easy to pick up and play and those for the hardcore fans.

If, for example, you like the look of Through The Ages, I recommend it. Also, Codenames is a big hit!

Here's Just One of the Open Gaming Halls Last Night (Open till 02:00am)

Here's Just One of the Open Gaming Halls Last Night (Open till 02:00am)5 Comments
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Talking Bags & Accessories With Cosy Dice!


We got to talk with Cosy Dice about their accessories which are fantastic for gamers to pick up here at the event.

They do all manner of interesting designs and you can even get some pieces made to order if you like.

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Find Out About The Combat Of Gladiatores


Dawn was able to sit down with with Gladiatores and learn about this game which looks like it could be great for replicating the blood on the sand of the arena.

You can come and find out more about the game at UK Games Expo and also on the website...

Check It Out Here -

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Delve Into the Worlds Of Brutal Kingdom & Kerala


We sit down and find out more of what's going on with these smaller games, Brutal Kingdom and Kerala.

If you're interested in these games you can dive in and check them out here at the UK Games Expo and online.

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Dawn Chats With Arcane Wonders About Mage Wars


Mage Wars Academy and Mage Wars Arena give you the feel of a magical card game while removing the luck of the draw aspect. Choose your spells, put them in a tome and off you go!

Make sure you get your comments in to win a copy of Mage Wars Academy from Arcane Wonders.

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A Chat With Dized Explains How An App Can Teach You Your Games


Dawn sits down to have a chat about an awesome add on for gaming. Dized promises to real time to teach you how to play your games. Companies are literally reaching out to these guys for them to build the interface for their rules.

This will take the burden off of someone to have to read the rules and try to teach the game the game to you and your friends. Pretty cool!

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Table Top Meets Tech In Lightseekers Game


Dawn had a look at an exciting new game called Lightseekers. Lightseekers combines video gaming with tabletop and card gaming. You can play the game strictly in the app, strictly on the tabletop or as a hybrid of the two.

Probably the coolest aspect of this is the interactive figures that can be used in the game. You see them come to life in the game and they have interchangeable parts so you can switch their weapons and accessories.

The changes you make to your figure are recognized real time in the games.

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Playing Ticket To Ride & Viticulture In The Open Gaming Room


One of the great things about the UK Games Expo is the fact that you can dive into the Open Gaming Room and play some of the board games and card games you've picked up over the weekend.

With that in mind we take a look at two of them, Viticulture and Ticket To Ride, as they are great for the tabletop.

Talking Collision With Code Orange Games + Win Prizes!


We step in and talk with the guys from Code Orange Games as they take us through the world of Collision, a new skirmish game which is closing in on its release date.

Collision is looking fantastic and you could win yourself three of their Event Miniatures!

Stopping Off With Days Of Wonder


I get a chance to stop off with Days Of Wonder and talk about their fantastic games which are hitting the tabletop including the likes of Small World and their new one, Yamatai.

We really recommend diving these as they are nice and simple games for you to get the family involved.

Fantasy Flight Games Chats About Runewars Expansions


Ben caught up with Fantasy Flight Games to have a chat about Runewars and Arkham Horror.

Check out the new minis and skinny on what's in the cards.

Checking Out The Tabletop Terrain From Battle Systems - Win A Prize!


Come and delve into the world of Battle Systems and find out what kind of terrain they are showing off here at the event at UK Games Expo, AND some of the awesome stuff that lies ahead.

You can also win yourself a Dungeon Core Set and get ready for an adventure yourself.

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Wrestling In The Ring With Luchador!


We were back in the Open Gaming Area here at the UK Games Expo over the weekend and found out what it was like to play the Luchador game.

This one looks like it's a lot of fun and you could really get stuck into this one with a party of friends.

Try Out The Dexterous Ice Cool + Win Prizes!


We have another great game for you to check out called Ice Cool from Brain Games which is fantastic for small kids and big kids alike.

The game is dexterity based and has you flicking penguins around a school trying to catch fish. You can also win THIS game by commenting on the Live Blog.

Eldritch Essences Make Your Adventures Smell Good


We stopped in with a neat vendor here at the event who was selling Eldritch Essences which will be great for adding a scent to your games of Cthulhu and Sherlock Holmes.

You might have to check these guys out and find out more about their fantastic range of candles.

Warcradle Talk Wild West Exodus & Meets Tabitha Lyons! + Win Prizes!


We stopped over with Warcradle and Tabitha Lyons to talk about the world of Wild West Exodus.

This also meant we were able to stop in with Tabitha Lyons the Cosplayer and learn about the character she dressed up as.

Also, you can win yourself a Two Player Starter Set!

Dress Fancy With GameTee


We check out the great folks here at GameTee who design some fashionable clothing and other accessories which would make your gaming room, and indeed your gaming house worth living in.

Will you be checking these guys out?

Choose Your Weapon With QWorkshop Dice + Win A Prize!


The guys at QWorkshop are going to be making sure you get all the critical hits you need thanks to their vast array of dice which cover all manner of games including the classics like Dungeons & Dragons.

They even have some glow in the dark dice! You can also snap up a prize from these lovely folks with a set of the Cthulhu Dice!

Having Fun With Elemental Imps & Triple Ace Games + Win Prizes!


We joined forces with Kedrick Winks to talk about Imps, which is now available for you to buy, and some of the other projects he has been working on with Triple Ace Games.

You might remember Kedrick as the one who helped bring LocaliZed to the tabletop with us during the board game challenge.

You can also win a copy of Imps by commenting on the posts here today!

Head Down To The Beach With Deep Cut Studio Mats + Win A Prize!


You know by now that we really love the look of the mats from Deep Cut Studios so we just had to stop in with them and have a chat about some of their new mats.

We also have a prize to give away from them which is a 4x4 Beach Mat, perfect for your invasion forces to battle across.

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Cover Your Lanes Of Fire With Spectre Miniatures Modern Warfare Range


We stopped in to talk Historical and Modern Warfare era combat with Spectre Miniatures today to find out what they have coming down the line.

There are some fantastic miniatures set up for this collection and the rules are perfect for simulating modern engagements.

Take On A Tabletop Challenge With Guards of Atlantis & Wargate + Win Prizes!


We managed to talk with the guys from Wolff Designa as they told us all about Guards Of Atlantis & Wargate, two of their big games which were being demoed here at the event this weekend.

We also managed to snag a prize where you could get your hands on Guards Of Atlantis itself by commenting.

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Next Year, Hit Up The Wotan Bus!


The guys at Wotan might have got themselves the best place to play games yet, a big board game bus. They have been showing off their products here all across the weekend.

You need to make sure you find this next time you come to the UK Games Expo!

Help Put Out The Great Fire Of London!


Medusa Games joined us once again to talk about one of their games which is working its way back onto shelves in the near future, The Great Fire Of London.

This fantastic semi-cooperative game looks like it could be a lot of fun. I particularly liked the fact that they have some hidden agenda mechanics mixed in there too.

Let's Find Out What Queen Games Are Playing


We stopped in with Queen Games to talk about some of the games that are sitting on the tabletops here, and may indeed find their way into your collection over the next few weeks.

We really like the look of these and could see them becoming a staple of a board game collection.

UK Games Expo Awards 2017 - VIDEO Coverage


UK Games Expo Awards 2017
We covered the awards with photo’s earlier but now, if you're still curious about who’s won awards at this years UK Games Expo you're in luck as we have the lowdown on all this years winners in one video.

Magnificent Flying Machines Ahoy With Medusa Games


Medusa Games also stopped by with us to show off their prototype for Magnificent Flying Machines which is coming soon.

This has a fantastic element of chance and pushing your luck to it. This could be a lot of fun and explores some fantastic elements of replayability too.

Remember you could also win Nine Realms from Medusa Games!

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Find Out More About The Game On Guys!


Game On are here to try and help people get their board games and ideas onto the tabletop. They are there to facilitate the production of board and card games from budding designers.

They were supplying some cool components to give people a chance to show off their skills this weekend. You might want to go and check these folks out.

Fight In The DungeonLand With 12 Realms!


We head off on a fairy tale adventure with DungeonLand and explore the 12 Realms in this board game.

You can check this one out and get stuck into a rather quirky game putting a twist on the world of fantasy on the tabletop. Each of the heroes is pretty epic!

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Treasure Hunting + Goodies At UK Games Expo


One of the things they always run here at UK Games Expo is the Treasure Hunt where you have to go and find specific things throughout the show.

You will HAVE to try and find everything next year when you arrive if this year got you excited.

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Modern Military Miniatures Hit From Rubicon


If you're interested in the world of modern military history then you might want to check out these models from the guys at Rubicon.

These folks have done some great stuff when it comes to World War II and it's only getting better.

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Check Out The Quirky Jewellery Of Pony, Pony, Pony


Pony, Pony, Pony are delving into some quirky and interesting looking jewellery which might suit you or fans of tabletop gaming.

It's not just games here as they always have vendors who are selling lifestyle pieces.

Daruma Production Delve Deeper Into SLA Industries + Win Prizes


Daruma Productions talked with Justin about what's coming for SLA Industries. They also have some wicked goodies to give away from them including their RPG Rulebook + An Exclusive Miniature.

This is actually one of the last five ever made on the tabletop! You'll want to find out more about these amazing miniatures and their dark and brooding game.

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Guessing The Murderer With Mysterium in The Gaming Hall


Dawn was able to stop in with the folks playing a game of Mysterium in the Gaming Hall here at the UK Games Expo.

This is a fantastic game which allows you to work together to try and find out who killed the poor ghost. It features fantastic artwork and much more.

Check Out What's Coming For AvP & Warzone In The Near Future + Win Big!


Prodos Games has been showing off what's coming for the future of AvP and Warzone.

They have some new models worth taking a look at AND you can also win with some competition goodies of AvP Second Edition & Exclusive Expo Mini.

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Find Out About The Dark World Of Shadows Of Esteren


If you like the idea of some alternative role-plays featuring some amazing artwork and more then the Shadows Of Esteren is a world that you need to try and delve into.

We stopped off with them to have a look at some of their books and their amazing art direction.

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Become A Formal Ferret & Get A Bit Wordsy Too


We stop off with the quirky fellows behind Formal Ferret and Wordsy.

This pair of games look rather funky and could be nice small games to add into your collection. We do love a bit of quirk...

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Tackle Yourself A MourneQuest On The Tabletop


We are looking to adventure on a MourneQuest with this neat looking game on the tabletop.

If this interests you let us know in the comments and we'll see if we can maybe get this on the Let's Play.

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Embrace The Dance Of The Fireflies On The Tabletop


If you're interested in trying out a game which features one of the coolest components I've seen (that tree!) then make sure to check out what Dawn thought of Dance Of The Fireflies.

Make sure to comment below if this one particularly caught your attention.

Print & Play The Miniatures For IronClads


Come and check out this first of its kind 'print from scratch' game which you have to work on from home if you'd like to bring it to life.

It does look particularly good when it's down on the table which is cool!

Head Out On A Role-Playing Adventure With Cubicle 7


You can get stuck into some role-playing on the tabletop with the folks from Cubicle 7 who do some sterling RPG books covering Fantasy, Sci-Fi and beyond.

Play With History & Explore Some Historical Games


Come and check out some games inspired by history...since we've got so many Vikings about...and see what you think of them.

See, they were really enjoying games and beer right back then. It's meat and mead rather than beer and pretzels.

UK Games Expo - That's A Wrap


That's us at UK Games Expo for this year, we hope you had an amazing time watching and participating with us along this awesome event over the weekend.

Make sure that you get your comments in for the chance to win some epic prizes!

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