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UK Games Expo 2017 Live Blog – Sunday

UK Games Expo 2017 Live Blog – Sunday

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It's time for us to power on with the final day of our Live Blog coverage here at the UK Games Expo as we check out more of the games and events that have caught our eye here in Birmingham at the NEC and Hilton Metropole. UK Games Expo Sunday We hope that you've been enjoying yourself and if you haven't been able to find us make sure to catch up with us before we head home!

What's On & Helpful Links

To give you a rundown of what's happening at the event we have some helpful links for you...

We hope to meet up with you all at the event to so if you see us around make sure to come on over and say hi.

Prize Pool - Comment To Win!

Make sure to also comment on the various posts throughout the Live Blog to be in with the chance of winning some great prizes. Are you joining us?

The Most Prizes We've Ever Given Away At A Show


Good morning from day 3 at UK Games Expo! We're out an about still finding new and interesting things to show you guys, so make sure you get your comments in for your chance to win these amazing prizes including, boardgames, card games, terrain, miniatures games and more!

See What You Think Of The Czech Games Collection


We got to stop in with the guys from Czech Games to find out what games you can play here at the event. They have all manner of cool games to pick up which run the gambit between those which are easy to pick up and play and those for the hardcore fans.

If, for example, you like the look of Through The Ages, I recommend it. Also, Codenames is a big hit!

Talking Collision With Code Orange Games + Win Prizes!


We step in and talk with the guys from Code Orange Games as they take us through the world of Collision, a new skirmish game which is closing in on its release date.

Collision is looking fantastic and you could win yourself three of their Event Miniatures!

Stopping Off With Days Of Wonder


I get a chance to stop off with Days Of Wonder and talk about their fantastic games which are hitting the tabletop including the likes of Small World and their new one, Yamatai.

We really recommend diving these as they are nice and simple games for you to get the family involved.

Fantasy Flight Games Chats About Runewars Expansions


Ben caught up with Fantasy Flight Games to have a chat about Runewars and Arkham Horror.

Check out the new minis and skinny on what's in the cards.

Try Out The Dexterous Ice Cool + Win Prizes!


We have another great game for you to check out called Ice Cool from Brain Games which is fantastic for small kids and big kids alike.

The game is dexterity based and has you flicking penguins around a school trying to catch fish. You can also win THIS game by commenting on the Live Blog.

Eldritch Essences Make Your Adventures Smell Good


We stopped in with a neat vendor here at the event who was selling Eldritch Essences which will be great for adding a scent to your games of Cthulhu and Sherlock Holmes.

You might have to check these guys out and find out more about their fantastic range of candles.

Dress Fancy With GameTee


We check out the great folks here at GameTee who design some fashionable clothing and other accessories which would make your gaming room, and indeed your gaming house worth living in.

Will you be checking these guys out?

Choose Your Weapon With QWorkshop Dice + Win A Prize!


The guys at QWorkshop are going to be making sure you get all the critical hits you need thanks to their vast array of dice which cover all manner of games including the classics like Dungeons & Dragons.

They even have some glow in the dark dice! You can also snap up a prize from these lovely folks with a set of the Cthulhu Dice!

Having Fun With Elemental Imps & Triple Ace Games + Win Prizes!


We joined forces with Kedrick Winks to talk about Imps, which is now available for you to buy, and some of the other projects he has been working on with Triple Ace Games.

You might remember Kedrick as the one who helped bring LocaliZed to the tabletop with us during the board game challenge.

You can also win a copy of Imps by commenting on the posts here today!

Help Put Out The Great Fire Of London!


Medusa Games joined us once again to talk about one of their games which is working its way back onto shelves in the near future, The Great Fire Of London.

This fantastic semi-cooperative game looks like it could be a lot of fun. I particularly liked the fact that they have some hidden agenda mechanics mixed in there too.

Magnificent Flying Machines Ahoy With Medusa Games


Medusa Games also stopped by with us to show off their prototype for Magnificent Flying Machines which is coming soon.

This has a fantastic element of chance and pushing your luck to it. This could be a lot of fun and explores some fantastic elements of replayability too.

Remember you could also win Nine Realms from Medusa Games!

Print & Play The Miniatures For IronClads


Come and check out this first of its kind 'print from scratch' game which you have to work on from home if you'd like to bring it to life.

It does look particularly good when it's down on the table which is cool!

Head Out On A Role-Playing Adventure With Cubicle 7


You can get stuck into some role-playing on the tabletop with the folks from Cubicle 7 who do some sterling RPG books covering Fantasy, Sci-Fi and beyond.

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Wish I could’ve gone there, I always wanted to see how spectre mini’s are in person… I have a few games they could proxy in.


Absolutely the best. Thanks BOW for everything you bring to our hobby.

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Bow report – next best thing than to be on Expo 🙂

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