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UK Games Expo 2019: Saturday Live Blog [WIN A Massive Dragon!]

UK Games Expo 2019: Saturday Live Blog [WIN A Massive Dragon!]

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Come and join us for a weekend of awesome fun here at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, UK!

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We're going to be getting stuck into a lot of live blogging and livestreaming over three days here at the event so make sure to get involved!

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Here's some of the information about what to look out for this year.

Make sure to tell us what you're looking forward to this weekend!

UK Games Expo Opening Times

Friday - Trade Halls Opening: 9.30 to 6pm

Saturday - Trade Halls Opening: 9.30 to 6pm

Sunday - Trade Halls Opening: 9.30 to 4pm

You will be able to join us across all three days as we delve into all sorts of awesome goodness from across the gaming spectrum. Tickets are available on the door so if you're inspired to come along, make sure to come along!

Blogging At This Event:

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dignity Live Blogger Entries by this blogger
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ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Shadowborne Games Introduce Oathsworn Legacy Miniatures Game


Ryan headed over to talk with Shadowborne Games about their awesome legacy miniatures game called Oathsworn: Into The Deepwood. You might remember we did some awesome interviews with them over the last few weeks about it!

We have a chat about the game, their ideas for it and where they’re going with it next.

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Begin Forging With KeyForge: Age Of Ascension


We take some time to delve into what’s new for KeyForge as they look towards the first expansion set for the game, Age Of Ascension.

KeyForge is the perfect game to come and pick up here at the UK Games Expo. All you need to do is dive in and grab a deck and you’re ready to go. You could most likely find someone else here who is willing to battle you in the crucible!

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

What's New From Indie Board & Cards - Comment To Win!


Ryan joins Peter who is talking about just how awesome Coup is and all of the other games that they have been getting to play here at the event from Indie Board & Cards. Coup is a pretty epic game!

Comment To Win – Pirate 21 & Witching Hour

Of course, there’s also the insanely awesome Terraforming Mars which has taken the board gaming world by storm over the last couple of years.

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Devir Games And Their Superb Board Game Collection


Ryan takes some time to stop off with Devir Games and discuss some of their new games which you have been seeing pop up in our Let’s Plays over the last week.

Come and delve into this discussion and maybe take some wine away with you too…

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Room 17 Delve Into Miremarsh, Museum Rush & Conan - Comment To Win!


Room 17 Games has been working very hard on Miremarsh and Museum Rush but they’ve also got something special in the works for those that like their Barbarians. Conan awaits!

Comment To Win – Miremarsh & Museum Rush

Make sure that you check out this interview as Ryan talks about their games and what awaits for those that want to get stuck deeper into their fantastical board game worlds.

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Find Out What's New From Osprey Games - Wildlands & Magical Investigations


Osprey Games start delving into what’s new from them with a range of different games from their Wildlands series which expands and explore their miniature gaming world. Also, if you like your classic magical adventures in the Victorian era you also have Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

Make sure that you check out what we saw at the preview and then come and join them here at the event.

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Oink Games And Their Marvellous Tiny Treats - Comment To Win!


Oink Games are a company that make an awesome array of smaller games which allow you to have plenty of fun on the go!

Comment To Win – Deep Sea Adventure

Deep Sea Adventure is one of my favourite games which has you trying to dive down for treasure whilst also making sure that your ‘friends’ end up in the drink with no oxygen. All the spoils for you!

Make sure to come and find out more with us here at UK Games Expo!

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Chip Theory Games On Cloudspire & Beyond


Ryan was able to get to chat with Chip Theory Games about their game Cloudspire and beyond which gives you a lavish and entertaining board game which will hit the spot.

Come and check out more in the video and make sure to head over to their website to learn more too.

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Come Down To The Weirding Woods With StoryMaster's Tales


Come and join Ryan for a wonderful and very whimsical chat with StoryMaster Tales who are on Kickstarter now with their Weirding Woods tabletop game…which has a bit of a twist.

This game is a fantastic hybrid of board, card and role-playing game which brings all of these things together into a Grimm-style Fantasy experience.

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Hub Games Tell Us About What's Next - Comment To Win!


Hub Games are responsible for the absolutely awesome Holding On. They are also moving on to other projects right now too and Ryan got a chance to chat with them this weekend.

Comment To Win – Holding On

What do you think of what they’ve created with Mega City Oceania?

ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Black Rock Games Dive Into Their Projects - Comment To Win


We’re talking with Black Rock Games about one of their projects, Detective Club!

Comment To Win – Neta Tanka

If you’re looking for a game all about settlement building and worker placement then you’ll most certainly want to comment below to be in with a chance of getting Neta Tanka.

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If only I weren’t on a different continent! I’ll have to plan a vacation to coincide with this beast of an event. So much shiny, and here’s me trying to build up a board games collection at the public library I work at (

Lots of food for thought! Thank-you, Beasts for exploring and exploding the world of games!

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