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UK Games Expo 2019: Sunday Live Blog

UK Games Expo 2019: Sunday Live Blog

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Come and join us for a weekend of awesome fun here at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, UK!

UKGE Day 3 Sun Cover

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We're going to be getting stuck into a lot of live blogging and livestreaming over three days here at the event so make sure to get involved!

Get Involved

Here's some of the information about what to look out for this year.

Make sure to tell us what you're looking forward to this weekend!

UK Games Expo Opening Times

Friday - Trade Halls Opening: 9.30 to 6pm

Saturday - Trade Halls Opening: 9.30 to 6pm

Sunday - Trade Halls Opening: 9.30 to 4pm

You will be able to join us across all three days as we delve into all sorts of awesome goodness from across the gaming spectrum. Tickets are available on the door so if you're inspired to come along, make sure to come along!

Blogging At This Event:

brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger
dignity Live Blogger Entries by this blogger
ludicryan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger
lancorz Live Blogger Entries by this blogger
warzan Live Blogger Entries by this blogger
lloyd Live Blogger Entries by this blogger
brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Vampire, Kult & More Impressions From Darker Days Radio


Darker Days Radio gets stuck into a discussion about what they have found at the show and what caught their eye.

As well as that they get stuck into talking about Vampire: The Masquerade, Kult and much more from Modiphius. Would you like to see Chris and James back with us writing articles and maybe…Kingdom Death: Monster.

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Children's RPG Gaming Area!


Ben dives in to find out what’s been doing down as part of the Children’s Role-Playing Area. This is a brilliant way for kids to get involved as they enjoy some cool storytelling with quirky and interesting mechanics.

Eleven Vendors Selling Their Wears

Eleven Vendors Selling Their Wears6 Comments
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#UKGE2019 MASSIVE Charity Game Of Happy Salmon


At the end of Saturday, Ben went to Hall 3 to check out something pretty special: a 200 person strong game of Happy Salmon.

The lovely organiser of UK Games Expo have set up a massive game of Happy Salmon for a little girl called Saren who has attended the convention for the last two years and loved playing Happy Salmon with her family. Unfortunately Saren has cancer and so couldn’t make it to the convention. The organisers set up this massive game to raise money for charity.

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Bad Squiddo Games' Dwarf & Amazon Kickstarter - Comment To Win!


Bad Squiddo Games have a talk with us about their Dwarves & Amazons Kickstarter which is giving you some great new models for use in your skirmishing games.

Comment To Win – Treasure Blister Packs

Will you be backing Annie’s Kickstarter and if so, which side will you be going for?

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Sarissa - New Terrain Tile System - Comment To Win


Ben takes a look at all new terrain advances being made by Sarissa Precision.

Comment To Win

Sarissa have developed an interlocking tile system that can also be assembled in an offset which is a great consideration within this system. Sarissa have been showing off some wonderful, modular dioramas for wargaming tables.If you leave a comment down below, Sarissa are giving away four of these terrain sets!

Double Decker Fun!

Double Decker Fun!6 Comments
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7TV Pulp Launch


Designed alongside students from Edge Hill University, Crooked Dice have this weekend launched 7TV Pulp at the UKGE.

It’s the product of a unique collaboration between Crooked Dice, developers of 7TV and 7TV: Apocalypse, and Creative Writing students from Edge Hill University in the northwest of England.

If you love old movie serials, pulp fiction magazines, or any of the action-adventure movies they gave birth to and wish you could realize it on the tabletop – you’ll soon be able to!

Is this something you would pick up?


7TV Pulp Launch
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Lion Tower Give Us An Update On Wrathborn - Comment To Win


Ben catches up with Rick and Dan from Lion Tower Miniatures to talk all things miniatures.

Comment to Win!

Not only does Ben get to find out what’s new with their miniature ranges but he also gets an update about Wrathborn: their 35mm miniature game. Very kindly, Lion Tower are giving away a Norndrassel Starter faction to one lucky commenter. So comment down below for your chance to win!

A Hat For Every Occasion!

A Hat For Every Occasion!4 Comments
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Archon Studio Show Off Their Minis


Archon Studio is showing off their terrain and miniatures.  All their terrain is modular and simply clicks together meaning you can get a table together in minutes.

They were also giving away their Necromancer mini for Starcide.

Did you get one?

Archon Studio Show Off Their Minis
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Let's Find Out About Rogue Artist Creations - Comment To Win!


We stop off with Rogue Artist Creations and learn about their wonderful little game called Top Hats & Treachery.

Comment To Win – Top Hats & Treachery

Another quick and fun game to break out if you’re coming to a convention like the one here at UK Games Expo.

Snaffe Or A Girail?

Snaffe Or A Girail?2 Comments
brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Oathsworn Talk Burrows & Badgers + New Kickstarter - Comment To Win!


Ben got a chance to sit in with Burrows & Badgers creators, Oathsworn Miniatures. Of course, he had to stop off with them and delve into the brilliant world they’ve created.

Comment To Win – Burrows & Badgers Starter Warband

We love learning about the worlds they have created and can’t wait to check out that new Kickstarter!

brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Sunday Gaming


The last 2 days thousands of people have taken advantage of every bit of space to play their new games, today is no exception.

Did you use the open gaming areas?

Sunday Gaming
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Connecting The Worlds of Warcradle Studios - Comment To Win!


Ben is joined by Chris from Warcradle Studios to talk about their connected universe.

Comment to Win!

Having recently announced the fascinating Lost World Exodus which expands this particular world of miniatures gaming, Chris shows off the tables that Warcradle are demonstrating Wild West Exodus and shows off some of the beautiful miniatures we can expect for Lost World Exodus. Warcradle are also super kind and are giving away two starter sets for Wild West Exodus so comment below for your chance to win!

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Modiphius Show Off Their Minis


Modiphius have got loads of their studio painted models on show and plenty of opportunities to give their games a go.

They’re also showing off models for their upcoming Call to Arms models and have the promo mini Dragonborn Triumphant available this weekend.  It’s unpainted, 32mm and comes complete with a scenic base.

Will you be visiting their stand this weekend?



Modiphius Show Off Their Minis
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Have You Checked Out What's New From Plaid Hat Games?


Justin got to stop off with the folks from Plaid Hat Games and look through their game collection and find out what’s new from them.

This means we’re finding out more about Comanaughts, Dead Of Winter, Battlelands and more.

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Thunderbox Entertainment Show Ben Their VR Tabletop Gaming Set-Up


I got a chance to talk with Thunderbox Entertainment about their awesome take on a VR gaming set-up for Tsuro.

Yes, Ben may have looked like he was a bit odd there but this is a genuinely interesting experience that you need to try out. It’s certainly cool to be standing right in the midst of a board game!


Merch!6 Comments
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Lightseekers 'Mythical'


Play Fusion have their new Lightseekers Mythical coming out very soon but you can pick it up this weekend.

It features 46 reprinted cards from Awakening, has a lower appearance rate of Heroes in packs and has introduced a new rarity of card – the namesake Mythic Cross-Order Heroes.

For more information about Mythical visit their website

Will you be Picking it up?

Lightseekers 'Mythical'
brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Correct the Riffs in Time with a new Bill & Ted Board Game From Warcradle!


It’s time for a totally bodacious adventure on the tabletop as Warcradle are working on Bill & Ted board game!

After their first adventure hopping all over time, players are tasked with correcting all the rifts in time and paradoxes created by their mischief. It’s an exciting endeavour for Warcradle as well being that it’s their first foray into board games, and it’s difficult to find a more relevant adaptation with a new movie coming out soon!

Dice, Dice And More Dice

Dice, Dice And More Dice5 Comments
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Flying Leap Games Get Us Thinking With Wing It & Penguin Chums - Comment To Win!


Ben was able to stop in with Flying Leap Games and their rather fun looking project, Wing It. As you can see from our video it’s quite the funky one that would be good for conventions.

Comment To Win – Wing It!

I think you’ll agree that the energy here is infectious and how could you ever turn down such an adorable penguin?

brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Enjoy The Craziness With Stuff By Bez


Ben dives in to a maelstrom of games with his new best friend Bez!

If you can keep up with Bez’s sheer enthusiasm and energy you deserve an award as she takes us through Yogi, Wibbell and a host of quick and playful adventures to go through on the tabletop.

brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Stream Catch-Up - BarPig Kickstarter Launch


Come and get stuck into the livestream from yesterday where we stopped off with BarPig as they launched their Kickstarter for a new expansion to the game.

They were having a lot of fun and this is a perfect convention game for you to get stuck into

brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

#UKGE2019 Sunday: Organisers Interview - Record Attendance!


We get a chance to sit in with the organisers of UK Games Expo and discuss the attendance figures for this year. Things are just bigger and better than ever!

Livestream – Comment To Win Monsterpocalypse Goodies

Delve in and join us, and make sure to let us know what you’re really looking forward to seeing here and we’ll see if we can scout them out.

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Cult of Games Member

Hope you enjoy the rest of the show! Thanks for the content, have really enjoyed what you have put out so far. Can’t wait to see what Warren makes John do with the Contrast paints!

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last day. its so sad when all is about to end

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Final push guys, are you do anything on the way home this time?


Have a great day.


Great coverage guys. Love the continuous live feeds throughout the day. You’ve got them flowing perfectly. Very slick in deed. The guys in front of the camera are doing a fabulous job. The guys beavering away in the background making it all happen, even more so. Moucho respecto!


Great coverage. Thanks a lot for going all out on the coverage.


Thanks for all the updates… my wallet doesn’t thank you 🙂

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Keep up the great job! Enjoying the coverage.


I have been really enjoying this weekends coverage guys. Thanks again!

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I am GOING IN 2020! See you there!


Do they cover Etherfield by Awaken realms yet?


Is this really the end? tell me it’s not so

Cult of Games Member

Thanks to everyone on the team for the fantastic coverage!


Been a busy weekend, thanks for bringing us along.


I hope one day I can visit this show, looks really fun and maybe I can meet with you.

Cult of Games Member

ace to see stuff i missed totally lol


Well done guys! Thanks for putting this all together.


Thanks for the content, you lads must be knackered, sure you had a great time!


Great blog as always cheers all.


fantastic show


So much so far…keep it up.

Cult of Games Member

Shame to have missed this. It’s on my doorstep but work got me. Catching up now.

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