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Wolsung Boot Camp Live Blog – Friday

Wolsung Boot Camp Live Blog – Friday

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We're kicking off the Wolsung Boot Camp alongside Micro Art Studio today as our intrepid Steampunk fans get stuck into their hobby and start building their factions to be ready for skirmishes over the days to come.

Follow us throughout the weekend and comment on the Live Blog posts every day as we'll pick a winner from the comments of each day's blog and announce the winners on a future Weekender which airs on Saturday mornings.

Make sure to stick with us for all the awesomeness of the Boot Camp and learn more about the world of Wolsung too.

Download The Rules

Learn About The Wolsung World

Get Your Own Wolsung Crew

Wolsung Boot Camp Bundles & Deal

It's going to be quite the weekend so stay tuned!

Which of the factions has taken your fancy?

Welcome To The Wolsung Boot Camp!


Welcome to Day One of the Wolsung Boot Camp here at the Beasts Of War Studios. We're getting revved up for an awesome evening of hobby, to begin with.

Make sure to Comment on these Live Blog posts throughout the weekend as we've got some goodies to give away!

Lights, Camera, Table Action!


Check out some of the awesome tableshots we managed to get earlier in the day showing off some of the ace tables we were able to pull together for this Boot Camp.

We hope the Boot Campers are going to have loads of fun playing on these tables and in the mean time we want you to come up with some cool captions for these!

Lights, Camera, Table Action!

Demo Games Getting Underway!


Justin Catches up with Martin and Lukasz as they are starting to get into some demo games already. No waiting around here!

You'll be learning lots more about the mechanics of the game over the coming days along with us and we'll hopefully be back with Martin and some point soon so we can find out how he feels as he understands more of the game mechanics.

Have At Thee!

Have At Thee!13 Comments

Gerry & Gaz Getting Stuck In!


You know how we cracked open that set of Gerry's? Well, turns out he wasn't happy that we hadn't actually built and painted his miniatures for him...oops.

As well as that Gaz is getting stuck into his painting already, he's a proper machine!

What Is Wolsung? Talking Background With Lukasz


We sit down with Lukasz from Micro Art Studio to talk about the world of Wolsung and what you can expect when you sit down to play games in this awesome Steampunk world.

With a little bit of background under your belt, we hope you'll enjoy getting more stuck into the factions and the game itself over the days to come.

Checking Out The BoW Board Game Library


Nick and Sean, two of the Boot Campers, are already checking out our library of board games here at Beasts of War before they even get to building...maybe it's too good of a distraction?

There's always something to be said for a bit of multitasking though. Maybe the guys can do some painting and hobby WHILE they play board games?

...Go Forth & Game!

...Go Forth & Game!12 Comments

The Hobbying & Gaming Gets Underway


We've got some very awesome Boot Campers already learning to play the game with Lukasz as well as delving into hobby.

Some of them have already got base paint down and are working on their models! I wonder if we're going to see some fully painted crews by the end of the weekend?

The Hobbying & Gaming Gets Underway

What Goodies Did The Boot Campers Get?


It's time for us to take a look at just what the Boot Campers got when they arrived here to delve into the world of Wolsung.

We break open one of their sets belonging to Marcus and take a closer look at the goodies inside. Remember you can get your own Wolsung goodies by checking out the Deals & Sales they have on offer right now.

Bootcamp Boxes Well Raided!


The beautifully collated Bootcamp Boxes are all open, hobbying is underway and we're already seeing full Starter Sets primed and paints starting to go down.

As ever the atmosphere from having lots of people enjoying their hobby time together is absolutely wonderful and there's a real happy buzz in the studio.

Bootcamp Boxes Well Raided!

Let's Get This Boot Camp (Party!) Going


Everyone is settled down into playing games or hobbying away and we just wanted to give a huge welcome to everyone who has attended and indeed all of you at home as well!

With the Wolsung vibe properly going we kick things into gear and can't wait for a weekend of Steampunk awesome.

Fortune Teller Scenario


One of my favourite parts of Wolsung is the variety of narrative scenarios and how encouraged you are to have three fast-paced rounds of action where it's not all about gunning down your foe.

In this scenario, the Fortune Teller acts as a way to dispense Fortune Cards straight from the deck to support your heroes but they also act as Victory Points at the end of the game.

Fortune Teller Scenario

Meet Wolsung's Ash & Oak Faction


Continuing our exploration of the world of Wolsung we sit down with Lukasz once again and delve into The Ash & Oak faction.

Could this lot be for you or do you have your eyes on another faction? Keep a watch out for more videos like this throughout the weekend!

Food Time!


It's time for some grub as the Boot Campers get stuck into a bit of late night hobby and gaming with us here at the studio.

I think the food might be having an ill effect on some of our Wolsung team though...

Food Time!

First Demo Game Thoughts On The Alven Yard


We stop in to find out some first thoughts about The Alven Yard from the world of Wolsung after a demo game played out.

These fellows are new to the world of Wolsung and so it will be good to see how they come together as a hobby project and indeed how they play on the tabletop too!

Which Is Your Favourite Faction?


We've got some of our in-house figures for you to check out for Wolsung playing around on our awesome tabletops which we've painstakingly worked on over the past few months.

With that in mind, we wanted to know, who are your favourite factions and models in Wolsung?

Which Is Your Favourite Faction?

Quick Painting With Bob Talking Scylla & Alven Yard


Justin sits down with Bob to talk about some of the hobby opportunities afforded by picking up both the Scylla and The Alven Yard as his factions of choice.

How would you approach painting these factions when it came to these factions?

It's Cops & Robbers Time With Tim


We find out a bit about the Cops & Robbers that Tim has managed to pick up. So, with that in mind dive into this chat as we find out why he chose these factions.

Which factions would you rather go for, or do the Scylla & Alven Yard tickle your fancy?

Potion Confusion!

Potion Confusion!12 Comments

Competition Is Getting Fierce


Warzan and Redben are readying to duke it out in Twilight Struggle.

Liam marks a score onto the board after a killer parkour diving kill!

Stuart also completes a challenge by winning a challenge with 4 or more cards, against his with Helena no less!

And the gang are getting into some NSFW action with Joking Hazard!

Competition Is Getting Fierce

Tabletop-tastic Terrain For A Terrific Game


We took a lot of time and effort to make sure that the tabletops for this game were just right for Wolsung. We're going to be exploring this in more detail tomorrow with a video talking to Lukasz about tactics BUT right now, just take a look at the layouts.

One of the biggest things for us was to make sure that we established a narrative with these tables and the terrain we used, which then reflects on the narrative gameplay that you get in Wolsung itself.

Do you have favourites from our collection here?

Tabletop-tastic Terrain For A Terrific Game

Liam Is Killing Off Peter's Steampunky Vampires, A Ven Rier Beating!


We stop in mid-game with Liam and Peter to find out how their game is going. It looks like things are going badly for the undead in this case...maybe they came in contact with too much garlic?

Needless to say, maybe these guys need some tactical chatter ahead of the scenarios tomorrow. They are having oodles of fun though which is great!

Get Thee On The Dishes Justin!


We knew that Justin's real calling wasn't truly as a presenter or unboxer extraordinaire but instead as a pot washer and dish mopper!

...and as for those biscuit thieves, well the less said the better we reckon.

The First Spot Prize CLAIMED!


Liam has managed to get his hands on the first spot prize of the day as he scores three challenges in a single game which is quite the feat.

We also just love giving things away to you lovely people so it felt good to get some Wolsung games off to a great start!

End Of Day One - It's Time For The Pub!


It's time for the Boot Campers to get their stuff together and get to the real business...of having a nice drink in the pub!

No, we'll be back for more Wolsung tomorrow with some epic gaming scenarios to play and much more besides. Remember to get your comments in below to be in with a chance of winning yourself some goodies!

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Not had the interest in this game so far despite its great look, maybe this weekend will change my mind.


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Bootcamps are always cool!

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Brilliant job on Day 1, Gents!


This was a cool show


Wolsung is cool!

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Went to the fortune teller ….got my fortune read …didnt know what to tell her ….got this dizzy feeling in my head…then she took a look at my balls said sonny you feel kinda warm …. think your LOVE.


Super games!


This was interesting!

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