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Wolsung Boot Camp Live Blog – Saturday

Wolsung Boot Camp Live Blog – Saturday

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We're back with you for Saturday of the Wolsung Boot Camp where it's time to get stuck into some games with this awesome game from Micro Art Studio. We might even have some extra fun scenarios to play out later today too!

Follow us throughout the weekend and comment on the Live Blog posts every day as we'll pick a winner from the comments of each day's blog and announce the winners on a future Weekender which airs on Saturday mornings.

Make sure to stick with us for all the awesomeness of the Boot Camp and learn more about the world of Wolsung too.

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It's going to be quite the weekend so stay tuned!

Which of the factions has taken your fancy?

Introduction To Day Two At The Wolsung Boot Camp!


It's time for us to get stuck back into the game of steampunk awesomeness that is Wolsung with our Boot Campers. It's going to be an awesome day packed with games, games and more games.

Make sure to check out the Boot Camp Deals from Micro Art Studio this weekend HERE.

We have some epic scenarios brewed up for your enjoyment too.

Bring On The Beasts!

Bring On The Beasts!15 Comments

Gaming Waits For No Wolsung Fanatic!


We've already got people getting stuck into their games right now and enjoying some early tutorials on the way Wolsung works.

With that in mind, have you gone over to their Downloads section and got yourself a copy of the rulebook yet?

Gaming Waits For No Wolsung Fanatic!

Meet The Inventors


We continue our faction chats from the world of Wolsung as we take a look at The Inventors and find out what makes them tick like clockwork.

They have some fascinating characters in their midst as well as some wild inventions too.

By The Gods! Actual Vitamins!

By The Gods! Actual Vitamins!13 Comments

First Wolsung Game Impressions With Ben & Rob


We talk with Ben & Rob who are getting stuck into their first game of Wolsung here at the Boot Camp and talk with them about what they think so far...

It involved a fair bit of sniping with one of Rob's poor souls from the Scylla gang getting shot through a window by an eagle-eyed opponent from the Ash & Oak. These fellows are surrounded!

It’s Prize Time For Adrian!


Adrian has won himself a copy of Lord James Foley here at the event, a Henchman who can work with any faction.

He was able to dive and kill one of his foes and hunted down his enemies, wiping them off the tabletop - this was a lot of effort but he walks away with an awesome prize.

Custom Scenarios In Wolsung: It's Boat Stealin' Time!


Two of our Boot Camp members have headed on over to our signature table and have come up with a scenario of their own with a narrative and awesome twist.

With some house rules in play, they're looking to try and steal the boat from the docks whilst having to fight off each other for this prize most assuredly laden down with goods and treasures they can sell on the black market.

Cool Brothers On The Table11 Comments

Speed Painting Away With Gaz – Quick Brushwork Chap!


Gaz began painting yesterday and he's already making exceptional progress on painting up these miniatures for Wolsung.

Hopefully, we'll be seeing some finished miniatures by the end of the weekend but we think he's done a superb job picking out the details so quickly and working through those base colours.

Speed Painting Away With Gaz – Quick Brushwork Chap!

Wolsung Ambassador Chat – Bringing Steampunk To The Masses


It's time to discuss the Wolsung Ambassador program which gets budding steampunk fans into the game thanks to a network of awesome demo gamers and more who make it their job to bring Wolsung to the masses.

If you're interested in this program you can find out more about it HERE.

Time For A Showdown!

Time For A Showdown!11 Comments

Watch Out For A Quick Cobblestone Base Painting Tutorial


Lloyd stopped in with Gerry to find out how he paints those Cobblestone Bases so quickly. As you can see they are looking very swish already...

Make sure to stop in later for a video going into lots more detail and a look at the finished articles too.

Watch Out For A Quick Cobblestone Base Painting Tutorial

Feature Tables - Lukasz Table Tactics & Design Chat


We take a look at some of the tables that we set up here for the Boot Camp and discuss them tactically with Lukasz to get an idea of how they play, and what you should consider when it comes to building tables yourself.

Wolsung is a game of deep narrative and so you want to tell a story with your tabletops AND you want to include some great ways to create cinematic events too. Height and close proximity battles are key!

Peter Wins the 4th Challenges Prize With Daring Gusto


Peter was able to swipe some more goodies from us as he completed another set of challenges starting off with a diving charge from a vampire...sounds pretty epic to us.

This was also followed by the same Vampire taking down two policemen and using his tactics to his advantage. This vampire needs to get a medal...and a new model!

Don't worry, we gave him Harriet Kinsley in the end!

Food Time...But Is Gerry Distressed?


The food arrives for today and folks get stuck into some grub to fuel them up for an afternoon of gaming here at BoW HQ.

Look, there's even a bit of salad there!

Food Time...But Is Gerry Distressed?

Painting Cobblestone Bases In A Flash


We promised it, and here it is. Join Gerry and Lloyd as they show you how to paint up Cobblestone Bases for your miniatures in Wolsung in short fashion!

The final effect, I think you'll agree, is fantastic and certainly shows off a nice technique for framing your models on the tabletop.

Gaming In Their Droves

Gaming In Their Droves8 Comments

Meet The Triad Of Lotus Dragon


It's time to embrace some of your oriental roots with this faction as we take a look at the Triad Of Lotus Dragon and how they fit into this world of steampunk and magic that is Wolsung.

Could they be the faction for you?

Ending The Epic Custom Scenario


We come to the end of our Epic Boat Stealin' scenario that was playing out earlier in the day and see how it all played out.

So...what kind of custom scenarios have you designed for Wolsung?

The Theatrical Premiere Gets Crowded


Everyone is getting into the first scenario of the day that comes from the Wolsung Organised Play packs.

In this scenario players can attempt to collect tickets from the Ticket Booth however as the tickets sell out they become harder to obtain.

To get around this you can form base-to-base queues to make success more likely, however, these queues are turning nasty as brawls kick off and we've even see Hans Gerät get pushed off a walkway, falling to his death!

Loving Wolsung right now and seeing everyone getting into the fun fast gameplay.

The Theatrical Premiere Gets Crowded
Ready for a shoot out!9 Comments

Theatre Premiere Scenario Gets Underway


It's time to fight over tickets and see if you can get your gang to the Theatre Premier! It's very British and people are going to be queuing but there's also plenty of battles going on to.

This is quite an interesting style of scenario which may end up gifting you with some awesome goodies!

Catching Up With Speedy Gaz & His Marvellous Painting


We think that sounds a little like a cool shop or emporium from the world of Wolsung, don't you think?

Take a look at some of the progress that Gaz has made with these models and how things are coming along...

This Pneuma both is almost ready to spawn some zombies

This Pneuma both is almost ready to spawn some zombies10 Comments

How Have You Found Scenario One? Talking With Sam


We stop in with Sam and find out how he felt playing Scenario One from the Wolsung Boot Camp. This has meant lots of awesome ticket collection...and Sam is even dressed for the occasion.

Do you think this is the kind of scenario you'd like to play yourself?

Az Sits Down With Splendiferous Martin - Army Painter Method Engage!


Az also got a chance to sit down with marvellous and magnificent Martin who has been painting away on his models for Wolsung and really gone for it, the Army Painter method is in full force.

How would you paint your Wolsung miniatures and if you've already done so, make sure to share them in our forums!

It's Time To Introduce Scenario Two


It's time to race towards those ticket booths once again as well as get to killing in order to get your hands on ways to bet on the upcoming race...yes, you hear about a race there!

We think it's rather awesome to have more of these narrative scenarios playing out. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

What's On The Board Miss Ford!


We take a look at what the scores on the board are...Miss Ford. Well, Justin anyway.

We hope that these are going to play out into some great goodies for folks AND an interesting idea of how the rest of the scenarios will play out.

Action In The Streets


We took some time to get down amongst the action and have a look at some of the combats breaking out between the different characters on the streets of Lyonesse.

Wolsung really does invoke some cool moments buoyed on by the awesome characters and the quick and easy mechanics.

Action In The Streets

Warren & Justin Fiddle With The Scenery


These two just can't keep their hands off the lovely tables we've put together. Warren & Justin have a fiddle around with the terrain...

Micro Art Studio Shop

They are blowing the bloomin' doors off, and diving into all of the buildings to show you how interactive this terrain is.

The Evening Vittles Arrive!


With folks hard at gaming they did take some time out to actually grab some grub which is good.

This time around we've got a bit of a stew on the go with some bread and butter.

The Evening Vittles Arrive!

Midway Through Scenario Two - Discussing The Game With Matt


We step in during a game and talk with Matt from the Boot Camp to find out how he is finding scenario two and what kind of tactics he's been able to employ...

...and of course, what kind of tactics have been used on him too! Would you have any tips for Matt?

Orders!9 Comments

How To Play Wolsung! Get Stuck Into A Let's Play


It's time to delve back into the vaults and show you how to play Wolsung with a Let's Play we filmed earlier in May of this year. It's time for a Wild Night On The Town as the crews clash!

Keep a beady eye on this game and also make sure to check in during the day for more tips and tactics on how to play Wolsung.

Meet The Scylla & Become Part Of The Family!


It's time for us to meet one of the newer factions for the world of Wolsung in The Scylla. They are the Halfling Mafia for all intents and purposes and come with some underhanded tricks for the tabletop.

They also have some of the coolest looking miniatures out there...and it's hard not to consider painting them in Dick Tracy colours really isn't it?

Catch Up With Lukasz - How Are People Finding The Game?


We catch up with Lukasz to talk about how people are finding the world of Wolsung and what he thinks of the scenarios we've been playing out.

Download The Scenario PDF

Remember if you want more Wolsung goodness you can check out our hub dedicated to the game HERE.

5th Wolsung Challenge Prize Won By Nick


We have another winner from the Boot Camp for ticking off some of the challenges from the board as we say hello to Nick and find out what happened. you have this kind of achievements and challenges set up when you play big games at clubs and stores?

Gangster Sam Of The Scylla

Gangster Sam Of The Scylla9 Comments

Ven Rier Vacky Vaces!


So the races is in the thick of it now and we have an epic update coming of the BIG CLIMAX to finish off today's blog!

Here's some epic shots of the jumps, stunts and rams we saw as everyone battled for the "precious tickets".

Ven Rier Vacky Vaces!