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X-Wing Strike On Endor Live Blog – The Battle Commences

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The fight begins as we take Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: X-Wing into the atmosphere and through the tight confines of the forest moon of Endor. We're taking the board we created and rules we designed and will be playing out a dogfight between Imperial forces and the Rebels as they try to scour the Empire from the moon once and for all.

Come and join us for the Live Blog today as we take you through what's happening turn by turn. Follow along and drop some comments as to what kind of tactics we should employ...

Scenario Rules (Work In Progress)

If your a BACKSTAGE MEMBER and  want a bit more detail about the scenario we are playing Download The Scenario Rules. Note these are still a work in progress and have changed a bit even today! A full updated download will be available for everyone in the near future.

The Table Setup

Want to know what the gaming table is made from? Then checkout our previous blog about the setup.

Who do you think will win?

Blogging At This Event:

lloyd Commander of the Empire Entries by this blogger
deepgreenx Commander of the Rebels Entries by this blogger

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What a great game! Now I have to buy X-Wing and all the other bits too! I want everything! lol 😀


Great game. Love the table, love the smaller segments for the battle report, enjoyed the commentary, kudos for the sportsmanship.

Would it be possible in the future to put a link to the next segment on the blog post? As an example, on turn 1 movement and actions, have a link to Turn 1 Shooting. I know you can navigate to them on the main category page for the battle, but it seems to me it would make an easier flow for the batrep.


I loved this battle. I was thinking of buying x-wing but afer seeing this I must have it all! Going to be hard to find those nice scaled at-at and at-st’s though in Belgium.

Could you guys also please upload the final rulebook for this mission?

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