Secrets of the Lost Tomb, A Kickstarter Miniatures Adventure

July 26, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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The excitement and variety of the pulp genre have found their way into the board game world in Secrets of the Lost Tomb, by Everything Epic Games- now available on Kickstarter. You may or may not know that this is the second time this game is hitting the Kickstarter market. The campaign was a success on their first run, but upon further consideration, they decided that they would like to provide improved quality to the miniatures range.

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As a recap, Secrets of the Lost Tomb is a pulp action adventure cooperative board game for 1-6 players. You assume the role of a seasoned adventurer and member of the Eternal Order of Perseus, a Secret Society devoted to keeping the Lost Tomb Secret and to shielding humanity from the supernatural powers of The Tomb—an ancient vault filled with aeons-old powers struggling to be set free upon the world. Sounds cool right?

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The Kickstarter is offering some really cool options this time around. If you were in on the original run, you can choose to just order the new minis to "upgrade" your original pledge, or you can choose a pledge on this run that gets you the original Kickstarter game WITH the upgrades- I personally like this option if you are at like me and ever have those "I wish I could've gotten this on the Kickstarter" moments.

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Will you be discovering the Secrets of the Lost Tomb?

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