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Evil Bear Wargames’ Modern Soldiers Shape Up Nicely


Evil Bear Wargames have 3D printed off some of their upcoming Near Future Soldiers and given us a preview of them to show how they're coming along.

Operate Drones & Command Troops With Evil Bear Wargames


Leading the way for your troops and giving them some covering fire we have a new Commander model and some Drone Operators previewed by Evil Bear Wargames for your near-future gaming.

Evil Bear Wargames Look Ahead To A New Modern Warfare Fireteam


Evil Bear Wargames have previewed some more renders of what's on the cards for their Modern Warfare range. Here we have some Infantry for a Fireteam with a range of different weapons...

Evil Bear Wargames Draft Some Troopers Into Service


Evil Bear Wargames have given us a look at some of their upcoming Near Future Troopers which will be joining their range of military goodies for use on the tabletop.

Evil Bear Show Off Upcoming Modern WIP Vehicle


Evil Bear Wargames have shown off the render work that has been going on behind the scenes for an upcoming vehicle that will become part of their modern warfare and near future range. See what you think...

Pre-Order The British Foxhound From Evil Bear Wargames


If you're looking for a big beefy looking vehicle to get you in and out of a warzone then see what you make of the Foxhound which is now on pre-order from Evil Bear Wargames.

Robots Are Coming To Evil Bear’s Near Future Wargame


Joining a host of modern military soldiers and other piece of near future technology Evil Bear Miniatures are working on some Robots which will be taking to the field of battle next year.

Evil Bear Show Off Painted Modern Military British Army Panther


Evil Bear have been busy working away on their Modern Military and Near-Future forces for OSC. The latest model to come off the production line, and it should be available soon, is the British Army Panther...

Mount Up In Evil Bear Wargames’ Armoured Jeep


A new Armoured Jeep is heading off to get made for Evil Bear Wargames' near-future and modern military game. With plenty of armour plating and a big machine gun on the top it's looking like a serious bit of kit...

Power Up The Tactical Hardsuits From Evil Bear Wargames


Evil Bear Wargames is a small operation based out of Bristol in the UK and they have not only got some neat models with the Bear Tactical Hardsuits but also a miniatures game of their own, OSC: Part One - Skirmish.

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