Evil Craft Lock & Load Their Corrupted Autocannons

May 6, 2014 by brennon

Evil Craft have got some more chaotic bitz for you to pick up this time with a heavier slant. See what you think of their two Autocannon Kits and some Complete Marines which skip over the whole DIY stage...

Autocannon #1

Autocannon #2

First off we have the actual kits with different backpack and gun designs which should be neat when you're making that Havoc Squad. You also get the arms for holding this huge weapon and a different head as well.

Autocannon Marine #1

Autocannon Marine #2

The only thing they are missing of course is a body and some legs to go with it so if you want to skip over the step of actually fitting them to a standard marine body you can snap these two up and just slip them into your force as you see fit.

I'd like to see Evil Craft paint up some of their miniatures as an example of how they turn out when finished. I reckon with all of the detail we're seeing above a good wash would bring them to life.

Will you bother with these bitz?

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