Evil Craft Provide The Side Arms For Your Chaos Warriors

April 8, 2014 by brennon

It's pistols in two varieties at dawn thanks to Evil Craft. Up on their webstore they have two different sets, the Plasma Pistols and Chaos Pistols, which can be used with their existing components or an already expansive Chaos army...

Chaos Plasma Pistols

Chaos Pistols

So, you can either go with the safe option and pick up a 'Bolt' Pistol or risk that roll of a one and blow your hand off with the Plasma variety. The amount of times I have melted my own marines because of these weapons. Someday the Space Marines are going to steal the technology from the Tau to make these safe.

In the mean time you have some rather fancy looking gun models that will spruce up a whole bunch of your warriors.

What do you think?

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