Ex Illis Plans A Return Boosted By Kickstarter

November 7, 2013 by brennon

Ex Illis, the digitally enhanced wargame is returning to the world through the power of Kickstarter. This one came as a bit of a surprise but see what you think of their campaign and where it's going now...

Ex Illis Art

Ex Illis Rulebook

It looks like they are returning with miniatures and rules that are compatible with both the digital format and throwing that all out the window to play normally. It really was a shame that the game went under because the miniatures did look very nice, and still do.

Ex Illis Knight Pledge

Ex Illis Army

Ex Illis Board

Here are some of the extra features...

  • Epic, large scale combat between the forces of different lands and factions helped by demonic, angelic and magical allies.
  • Zone based movement (no rulers needed).
  • Management of Fatigue and Hit points, your forces' key resources.
  • A unique Morale system based on synergies built into your army list.
  • Soft factions to allow units to be fielded with any army... for a cost.
  • Unit specialisation.
  • Progression system. (leveling, talents spec etc.)
  • Gorgeous illustrations and historic research to accompany the game.
  • Highly detailed, 28mm scale, unpainted, hard plastic miniatures.
  • Compatibility with the original digitally enhanced version of Ex illis on PC / Mac / iOS game (Coming soon).

I do like the whole historical/fantasy background that they have mixed together with this game too. I think we will be following this one closely.

Will you be pledging for a return to Ex Illis?

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