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February 28, 2011 by warzan

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Zombie Pope

So news is gradually making its way to us on the fate of Bastion Studios, the only 'insider' (William Wallace) left has been keeping fans up to date with the slightly protracted process of dealing with the assets and intellectual property of the company.

William Wallace writes...

Good news! The proposition has been accepted and approved by the judge. Bastion 2.0 is born, with a new investor. There will be quite a lot of changes, but it can only be for the good of Ex illis! We will be finalizing our battle plans and we will come back to you on thursday about what will be Bastion 2.0

Now we had heard rumblings that the 'propositions' flying about had been quite erm... 'Technical and Complex' which i suppose is the way things are going in wargaming these days.

As regards the 'quite a lot of changes', well that remains to be seen but already the fans are posting their suggestions on the forums, however I suspect the changes will have to be quite radical for ExIllis to achieve its full potential, and does also lead us to wonder if it's just and investor or a takeover of sorts with an established company.

Certainly our hope is that a healthy established company has jumped in to shake things up! Certainly the exillis forums have been awash with new owner speculation (Mantic Games) and plain old wishful thinking (Games Workshop), we'll just have to wait until Thursday to have the mystery unraveled.

We will however be poking our nose in to see if we can find out a little bit more before then 😉

All in all it can only be a good thing, and we hope to see a triumphant return of the Bastion Team soon!

So don't go throwing out your Emissarius just yet 😉

BoW Warren

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