Fallen Frontiers Enters Final Kickstarter Days [Update]

December 1, 2014 by brennon

Fallen Frontiers is heading towards it's final four days on Kickstarter with that you have another character to aim for and some more examples of both the cards in the game and how they work with the rest of the rules...

Update: The Damned have arrived for Fallen Frontiers and they're looking all kinds of cool...

The Damned

More on The Damned...

The Damned is a collection of mercenary heroes that offer their “services” to multiple armies. Each one of these heroes can be used in several armies, expanding your strategic possibilities further.

Here is a list of who can fight for which army:

  • Kyra “Operator 551”: Ares + Riffs + Sayx
  • Zerobyte: Harvesters + Sayx
  • Val’n Dorr: Riffs + Ares

...some awesome looking miniatures (and cheaper during this campaign!). I think I'd find it hard not to include these kind of bad asses in my army.

Hank Operator 323

First up is Hank "Operator 323" who comes with a rather impressive hammer. We've seen this chap before but now the Hyperion troop will be heading to the battlefield...

"Hyperion troops were developed during the Ares independence war to minimize casualties against an enemy that equaled them in physical abilities and doubled them in number. Hank was the first commander of Hyperion armor deployed on a planet controlled by operators."

...and he's pretty awesome. You can find out more about his story over on the Kickstarter page. As well as the heroes the folks behind the game have talked more about how cards work in the game.

Gameplay Example

Gameplay Example (Firing)

It sounds like Fallen Frontier has gone through a serious bit of testing to make sure that the rules match up in terms of quality when they sit alongside the miniatures. No point having a stunning looking range of miniatures if the rules for the game don't work very well!

Have you jumped on board this campaign?

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