Fallen Frontiers Falls From Kickstarter

June 17, 2014 by dracs

It's sad news as the Kickstarter for the promising new scifi game Fallen Frontiers has been cancelled.

Fallen Frontiers

Here's the statement that went out on the Kickstarter:

"Hi guys:

After several days of hard working trying to make this campaign a success, and after realizing that we cant reach the minimum goal to fund this project. We have decided to cancel funding and rethink the way of release of our product.

Fallen Frontiers is a real project, a project that has come to stay, and a project created and backed by great professionals from miniatures and wargames world. Even so we have decided to learn from our mistakes and fix them in order to return stronger.

Scale Games team wants to thank you all for your support, for your backing and for your comments during this campaign. To All the backers, shops, forums, blogs, general media and also to our friends and family who have been unconditionally on our side during this Kickstarter. THANK YOU A LOT!!! Even for your severe critics that made our project to grow bigger.

You will soon realize that we have learned a lot from this experience!

Many of you have trusted on us and we would like that to stay that way since Fallen Frontiers is going forward. If you want to keep up to date with Fallen Frontiers information , you can register on our mailing list HERE or follow us on our media (www.facebook.com/fallenfrontiers and www.fallenfrontiers.com )

Again, Thank you all! And see you soon! Kind regards.


Riff Troopers

While it is sad news to see it cancelled, it is encouraging to hear that they are not giving up on the project. Fallen Frontiers did have a fair level of potential, especially in terms of the miniatures that we had already seen for it, so t will be interesting to see what they have planned for the future.

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