Catch Up On Fallen Frontiers Google Hangout & Last Few Hours!

December 3, 2014 by brennon

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Last week we talked to the guys from Megacon Games about Myth, Mercs and more and we've decided to keep up the trend of Google Hangouts with a chat to the guys from Fallen Frontiers currently running on Kickstarter! Watch it above!

Update: Final few hours on Kickstarter! Find out a bit more concerning the rewards and pledges you can run with during the final day or so of fundraising...

Main Content


Customise Your Starter Box

First up we have the actual main content of the boxed game that includes a whole mess of things for you to get started with as well as a choice of the different factions you can run with IN the boxed game. This is an awesome thing for the guys at Scale75 to make available to backers and it means you're not stuck with armies you're not overly fond with. A good reason to split your pledge with another person too actually.

Additional Extras

Of course there are then quite a few optional extras for you to check out and if you click the image above (open it in a new tab for a better look) you'll see some of the optional extras that can bulk out your pledge and give you a whole load of additional miniatures and more. There's also their campaign book which is awesome!

Lee Jenkins

Check out upcoming heroes like Lee Jenkins above in his rather impressive looking battlesuit. Clad in his Vulkan Exo-suit he's quite the deadly battlefield asset.

The Damned

Here's a little about The Damned  from the folks behind Fallen Frontiers...

Zerobyte: A Sayx assault soldier. His assimilation process by the harvesters was interrupted during an attack on the necrofactory where he was being held. Half human, half machine, all his memories were lost in the transformation, anything before Zerobyte doesn’t matter anymore.

Kyra: Since Kyra’s release from the operators she demonstrated a rebellious character, prone to disobedience. Never seeing her integration into the Ares army as a liberation, for her it was nothing but a change in the color of her armor. When the independence wars ended, Kyra decided to enjoy true freedom. The freedom to wear the uniform of the enemy if necessary.

Val'n Dorr: Val'n Dorr grew up in a troubled colony. As the daughter of diplomats she learned from a young age that an open mind that can adapt to the situation is more likely to survive than unwavering loyalty. Her father sent her to study at an Ares military academy, where she learned to use weapons. No one better than him knew that diplomacy has its limits.

Whatever your questions might be drop them in the comments below and we'll put them to the guys from Scale75 tomorrow during our live chat on Google Hangouts via Youtube and you can see if your questions are answered.

Game mechanics, narrative background, miniature quality; whatever you might want to discuss about their reboot Kickstarter they have addressed it!

What do you think of the Kickstarter?

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