Exclusive Look At Fallen Frontiers Hero Stretch Goal! [Update!]

November 17, 2014 by brennon

Fallen Frontiers has been busting through the stretch goals and has unlocked some new heroes for you to add to your game. Take a look at a few of them popping up on Kickstarter and some that are yet to come...

Update: We've had an awesome update from the folks at Scale75 about the Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter and they've given us another of the hidden hero stretch goals to show off! Check out Kyra Operator 551...

Kyra Operator 551

And here is a bit more about her...

"When an Operator first recovers his consciousness it usually takes a few days for him to recover from the process. During this period being able to make their own choices is something that terrifies the recovering subjects, and it generates a crisis from which some recover sooner than later.

When Kyra was released the Ares thought that the process had failed because she was rebelling at all times as if she had remained an Operator. She was kept in isolation for 10 days, during which she showed a brutal resistance even without a reason. Eventually when her brain was scanned to see if she was still subconsciously receiving orders, the Ares came to the realization that her behavior was her own, and fee of outside control.

“What should we do sir? Should we let her go?”

“We are sure that she is not one of them, right?”

“Yes sir, but I also cannot tell you that she is one of us.”"

Pretty awesome right? She's sure to make an awesome miniature and I love that you get to have a bit of fun with her gun as well giving it a neat menacing look to it like they used to with fighter planes. She's certainly a different looking Operator to the ones we've seen before, and Bitsie below, so it shows Ares isn't all about the uniform dress code!

Feral Senn

The first to check out is this rather dangerous looking individual in Feral Senn...


This is the word that Feral repeats in his head most often. A monstrosity for the Riff race, an unholy hybrid with the humans, and even worst stll, a Sayx halfblood. For humans he is not much better, a guinea pig that confirms that Riff genes can be added to the genome of the inhabitants of earth. Another experimentof dubious morality perpetrated by the Sayx corporation.

Feral and his race have lived away from everything for many years, shunned by all as something that should never happen. He has lived as a monster, he was treated like a monster, and so he became a monster."

...and next up we have not necessarily a new hero but instead an alternative sculpt for an existing miniature in Bitsie. Learn a little more about her.

Bitsie “Operator 31” Alternative Pose

"Bitsie is one of the first operators that were captured. She is one of the 3 legendary Operators freed from the yoke and began the struggle to free their people from the domination and begin construction of what is now the Ares Condominium.

Bitsie has seen the death of many of her peers, some she had to kill herself. So much struggle has forged such a tough character that her own armor has no room for sentiment. But behind that security she is terribly afraid, afraid of what she has discovered in her years of fighting against operators and afraid of what moves the strings of Operators."

The current target for the Kickstarter is for this next hero, the deadly Jason Ramires!

Jason Ramires

"Jason is a very special case. Although he is just an artillery sergeant his words are taken into much consideration by his superiors on the battlefield, something uncommon in the Sayx army.

In several missions in which the plan was ruined within minutes of entering combat, Jason managed to keep his team alive showing great talent and a great ability to improvise. No wonder he ended up getting the nickname Jason "Plan B" Ramires."

As well as the heroes to unlock there's also some Spanish rules on the Kickstarter for you to read through if you need a different language choice which is neat.

Keep an eye on Beasts of War as we will have some interesting stuff coming your way for future stretch goals and the like with Fallen Frontiers!

Have you been enjoying the campaign so far?

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