The Fallen Frontiers Reboot Kickstarter Launches!

November 14, 2014 by brennon

Following on from our week or so of interesting information on the game Fallen Frontiers the launch for the new Reboot Kickstarter from Scale75 has gone live tonight!

Fallen Frontiers Reboot

The game...

"Fallen Frontiers is a miniatures wargame game based on combat squads. The squads offer protection and firepower for the force's heroes. Heroes are the ones that define the game style because their attributes change the characteristics of their squads. Because of this each squad performs differently depending on the hero that leads them. However in Fallen Frontiers heroes are not invincible, but instead are easy to eliminate when they are not with their squad."

Fallen Frontiers Boxed Game #1

Fallen Frontiers Boxed Game #2

As you can see the main boxed game contains a lot of stuff (click to take a closer look). It features both Ares and the Riffs as well as a whole bunch of cards to play the game, some Kickstarter exclusive stuff, counters and tokens and of course some scenery too which is neat. Eventually you'll be playing something like this...

Miniatures in Action #2

Miniatures in Action #1

If you'd like to find out more about the rules then the guys behind Fallen Frontiers have put together an Alpha Rulebook for you to dive into and it can be accessed from the Kickstarter page itself. All good when you can actually delve into the rules and see what you'll be doing on the battlefield before you get there.






As well as the beautiful miniatures it's also great to see that the game is going to come with some neat scenery pieces too that mean you can actually play the game out of the box once everything is assembled. There's nothing worse than having all your stuff and no nice table to play on. This approach has worked for Dropzone Commander and of course Infinity with Operation Icestorm so hopefully we'll see that happen a lot more going forward.


...and of course it wouldn't be a Kickstarter without stretch goals and here are just a few of them that are going to be around as the Kickstarter launches. If you head on over to their campaign page you'll see a whole lot more.

Stretch Goals

Now you've seen all the previews and the Kickstarter is live will you be joining in on this one to make it a reality? Let us know in the comments below...

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