Heavy Weaponry & Deadly Despair For Fallen Frontiers

November 27, 2014 by brennon

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Scale75 have shown off some more heroes and units for their game of Fallen Frontiers alongside quite the interesting teaser for tomorrow since it's Black Friday...

Krull Baal

First up we have the chain gun wielding Krull Baal...

"Within the Riff invasion fleet in the Milky Way there were voices dissenting with the objective of the mission. One of them would have been Krull Baal´s, if he ever spoke a word. Revenge never brought anything good and this is something the Riff had suffered in their own flesh long ago. We would never learn, Krull was convinced of it. We invent new words with which we distract, confuse and break our promises. The voice is the instrument of deception, the only sound coming out of me will be bullets abandoning my gun. Capsules of sincerity at 950 m/s."

Followed by the mighty battle suits of the Sayx Vulcans...

Sayx Vulcans

"Since the Sayx first encountered Ares operators at Magellan they realized that the firepower of their regular troops was insufficient to confront their new enemy. Even their elite units found enormous difficulties in penetrating the thick armor of Ares troops. At that moment began the Vulcan project: An armored suit agile enough to deploy in squadrons from a ship or shuttle and capable of piecing any personal or light vehicle armor."

Both of these are stunning pieces of artwork, as we've come to expect from Scale75 and Fallen Frontiers and they're going to make even better miniatures. This next piece however is rather awesome...


"Jeri Hansen was the seventh child out of nine. A star pupil and she excelled at gymnastics too. She was the star flag twirler for her college gymnastic team, no one could match her grace and cat like reflexes. But that afternoon at the colony stadium everything was so fast not even she could react."

Despair is channeling a little bit of the Kerrigan from StarCraft and a few ounces of Predator too in the style of her hair but it's looking ace. I've no idea how good whips are going to be on the battlefield compared to the traditional gun but I'm sure the stats will speak for themselves!

As well as the characters the folks behind the game have posted up calling tomorrow Black FREEday. No idea yet on exactly what it means but keep an eye out for something special I reckon.

What do you think of these characters?

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