Sci-Fi Fallen Frontiers Game Gets Stuck In On Kickstarter

June 3, 2014 by brennon

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A new Sci-Fi property has sprung up on Kickstarter from Scale75 called Fallen Frontiers. The galaxy has been colonised by humans and new ingenious energy sources and alien species have been discovered. There's gonna be a scrap for sure!

Fallen Frontier Factions

Already from seeing the artwork you get drawn into this world. It's very much the 'macho' first person shooter style of design where everyone has big muscles, massive armour, and bigger guns but hell that works! Above are each of the factions in the game that all actually look distinctly different and the miniatures look even cooler.

Miniatures #1

Miniatures #2

Now those are cool and it looks like they've got everything sorted from a miniature point of view but these are still in the prototype stage and may indeed get tweaked before release. However, since everything is pretty much done in terms of sculpting and designing it shouldn't take them long to churn out the goodies once the fundraiser ends.

The Game Box Contents

The game itself sounds rather cool indeed drawing on both miniatures and cards to play the game...

"The factions and the cards use up resources to carry out some actions. The main resources are moral and Krithium. You can get moral by achieving targets and causing losses among your enemy while your army suffers as less as possible. Using these points will exhaust our army but, on the other hand, it will make it produce above average. The Krithium is a resource that has to be collected in game and it's a source of energy that enhances teams weapons and cards. The player will have an armory that can be used during the game and that has to be fed with Krithium (a separate deck where you get equipment paid with the Krithium collected). The contents of the armory can also be set up by the player just like the deck of cards."

Scale75 did well with their previous fundraiser for Duel Fighters so it looks like they know what they're doing with this one! What do you think folks?

Have you got room for another Sci-Fi game?

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