New Troops & Heroes Rendered For Fallen Frontiers

June 19, 2015 by brennon

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The folks behind Fallen Frontiers have put together another big set of renders showing off some of the heroes and troopers of their Sci-Fi game. As well as the sword wielding Bianca Carlsson there are the Ares Hyperion Armour and Hank "Operator 323" leading them into battle...

Bianca Carlsson

First up we have the deadly blademaster known as Bianca Carlsson who you can see below with her katana like swords held out offering you to come and have a go if you think you're hard enough...

Bianca Carlsson (Front)

Bianca Carlsson (Rear)

As you can see she is looking rather sleek and lithe in her armour and even able to sport those chunky shoulder pads making sure that it's in keeping with that heroic Sci-Fi feel. A pretty awesome model although it would also be fun to see her in a more action packed pose, maybe swinging those swords around.

Ares Hyperion Armour

Talking of big heroic-style Sci-Fi armour see what you think of the Hyperion Armour below which is very front heavy it seems. I guess their remit is to keep pushing forwards and so they need all that really heavy armour on their front. That's emphasised even more with Hank and his hammer.

Ares Hyperion Armour & Hank

Ares Hyperion Armours

Overall I think that things are coming together very nicely for Fallen Frontiers and their Beta Rules are just around the corner too. If you keep an eye on their website then you might have a chance to get stuck in and see how it all plays soon.

Which models are your favourites from Fallen Frontiers?

"First up we have the deadly blademaster known as Bianca Carlsson..."

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