Fallen Designer Diary III: Challenges Of The Dungeon

May 30, 2013 by brennon

The folks from Fallen are back with another new Designer Diary looking at the Challenges that will be present in the dungeons of their new card game which will hit Kickstarter very soon. Check it out above from Watchtower Games...

Fallen Game Art

"The Challenges in Fallen cover a wide range of dangers a adventurer may encounter in a dungeon such as disarming a trapped room as the walls close in, casting a spell to keep dark spirits at bay, and fighting battles with goliaths at the bottom of the dungeon.

Lead Designer Tom Green presents the third designer diary video giving an closer look at the mechanics of Challenges for both the Hero and Dungeon Lord."

The game boasts great artwork, some fun and interesting mechanics and I reckon people will be backing this when it finally gets to the fundraising stage. I'm really liking these videos that look at the various mechanics of the game not just because they are very well produced but because they are informative.

Will you be backing Fallen?

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