Watchtower Games Preview Their New Project, Fallen

May 17, 2013 by brennon

Fallen is a new card and dice game from Watchtower Games that sends your heroes into a deep dark dungeon in search of loot, monsters and a final confrontation with the Dungeon Lord!

Fallen Logo

From the designers:-

"Adventure deep within a dungeon and battle the forces of darkness. Find magical treasures in your quest to slay the evil overlord waiting at the bottom of the labyrinth. Or bind creatures to your will and send them hunting through the corridors as the Dungeon Lord.

Fallen features a unique story mechanic where the Hero chooses their path through the adventure in the ultimate goal to defeat the Dungeon Lord. The game is packed with characters, skills, power cards, creatures, treasures, and story cards giving you endless ways to play."

The Hero

The Dungeon Lord

As you see this game boasts some amazing artwork for both the Heroes and the Villains, two of which you can see above. Four different heroes will be on offer alongside three types of Dungeon Lord vying to bring your champions low.

Custom Dice

The game already looks like it's going to come with some awesome custom dice and a variety of equipment and environments making the game instantly re-playable with a different outcome each time you delve into the dark.

I love the look of this game and it will be heading to Kickstarter in June this year. Keep an eye out for this one, I know I will.

Check out the video above and more from the website itself.

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