Green Ronin’s Fantasy AGE Companion Up For Pre-Order

March 2, 2018 by brennon

A new book for those enjoying the open-ended Fantasy AGE role-playing game is coming out soon. The Fantasy AGE Companion is available for pre-order right now from Green Ronin...

Fantasy AGE Companion - Green Ronin

The Fantasy AGE range allows you to create role-playing games in whatever world takes your fancy and the new Companion offers up even more options for you to explore...

  • New character races for Fantasy AGE, from the primal Beastfolk to the mechanical Orean.
  • New Talents and Specializations, including Bard, Diplomat, Gunfighter, and Martial Artist.
  • New magical Arcana, new spells for existing Arcana and new forms of magic. Channel power from the gods or learn the Death Arcana to become a necromancer.
  • Advanced rewards, including honorifics such as Master of the Blade, titles, and organizational memberships, which give characters power and respect in your game world.
  • Mighty artefacts which demand epic quests—and their dangerous drawbacks.
  • Rules for mass combat and organizations, which place the fate of thousands in characters’ hands.
  • Vehicle, chase, and structure rules covering everything from steampunk car chases to chariot races and attacks on castle walls.
  • Rules for Relationships, followers, and antagonists, which let you design boon companions and dire enemies.
  • Numerous ways to customize Fantasy AGE’s rules. Organize stunts into packages, adjust the game’s lethality, and more.

It sounds pretty awesome with the main draw for me being the rules for mass combat (always a testing thing for any Games Master) and the way they are involving companions and followers in the game.

The Stunt mechanics in Fantasy AGE turned out to be one of the best ways to get new people into role-playing games. They offer you cool options when you make attacks or hit the right dice combinations, rather than just making it a simple matter of 'hitting a dude'.

What do you think?

"...the new Companion offers up even more options for you to explore"

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