The Emperor Brings His Ultimate Power To Star Wars: Legion

July 11, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has decided that if you can't get your underlings to do a job properly, you send in the head honcho. So, Emperor Palpatine is making himself known on the tabletops of Star Wars: Legion alongside the release of his loyal Royal Guard.

Emperor Palpatine Commander Expansion - Star Wars Legion

It seems an odd choice to bring The Emperor and the Royal Guard to the tabletop as I would never have considered Palpatine one of those commanders who would normally step out onto the field of battle to face the enemy down head on.

However, the whole point of Star Wars: Legion is to tell different stories based on your favourite characters so who am I to judge! The set comes with the new model for The Emperor as you'll see above as well as all of the additional gubbins and accessories he needs to use him in game.

He is, of course, very slow and that will be his weakness as he gets pinned down by troops or taken out of the fighting altogether by canny generals. However, when he does get into combat he will be able to bring his force lighting to bear!

Royal Guard

With Palpatine on the tabletop, you clearly need someone to watch his back and that is where the Royal Guard comes in.

Imperial Royal Guard Unit Expansion - Star Wars Legion

These soldiers are elite warriors, able to show their mettle in the fiercest of fighting and hold down objectives. As well as being fierce in combat with their Force Pikes they also have a blaster which can be used to hold off enemies at range.

Use these particular units to focus on key objectives where you think the enemy will strike with melee troops, perhaps inside buildings and deep within cover. The deadliness of the Royal Guard when they get into hand-to-hand combat should deter all comers.

Both of these releases will be coming out later this year so you've got time to plan your army expansions.

What do you think of the new previews?

"...when he does get into combat he will be able to bring his force lighting to bear!"

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