Hunt The Enemies Of The Empire With Star Wars Scout Troopers

September 19, 2018 by brennon

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Scout Troopers might be known for flying into trees in Return Of The Jedi but they are actually some of the most highly skilled troops in the Galactic Empire. Fantasy Flight Games previewed these Scout Troopers in a new article looking at their use in Star Wars: Legion.

Star Wars Legion Scout Troopers - FFG

This set, much like with all of the other expansions, gives you the chance to bring these Scout Troopers to the tabletop with a range of weapon options, unit upgrades and more. It helps that the Scout Troopers also look rather awesome. I love their helmet designs; much more so than the standard look for the regular Storm Troopers.

Star Wars Legion Scout Troopers (Models) - FFG

Much like with the Rebel operatives we'd seen pop up a couple of weeks ago the Scout Troopers can get themselves a sniper rifle for long-range strikes on the tabletop, covering the advance of your other units as they close in on objectives.

The sniper rifle armed strike teams provide you with a small, specialised unit on the tabletop that benefits from cover more than others AND means that you can focus in on taking out important characters and such with ease, rather than having to move an entire squad to deal with the threat.

As a larger entity, the Scout Troopers are just as useful, able to hold onto objectives well and get a bead on enemies with their superior marksmanship.

Are the Scout Troopers going to feature in your larger Star Wars: Legion army?

Drop your thoughts below on them...

"Are the Scout Troopers going to feature in your larger Star Wars: Legion army?"

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