FFG Announce Richard Garfield’s New Card Game, KeyForge

August 2, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games announced yesterday at their Keynote speech that there would be a new card game landing from them helmed by the talented Richard Garfield. KeyForge has been causing quite the storm over at Gen Con.

Keyforge - FFG

KeyForge is a game that promises to be completely different from others of its ilk. There is no deckbuilding element here and no blind buys in the traditional sense. Instead, each deck is entirely unique and features cards that maybe will never be seen by another player. According to the Blog Post on the game there are 104,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 within just the first set. I will wait to see if that truly is possible...

Keyforge Array - FFG

Bucking the traditional format the game now focuses on each deck being an entirely self-contained and unique way to play the game with a set of cards that you need to get used to using in whatever combination they arrive.

The game, therefore, stops being dependant on the 'best cards' as it were and instead focuses on you being a skilled player, adaptable to the whims of your deck. The Starter Set for the game comes with two distinct decks that will help you learn to play as well as all the gubbins to get going.

Keyforge Starter Contents - FFG

You will also find two Unique KeyForge Archon Decks within the set which you can then crack open to begin delving into the mad world they appear to have created here.

I'm not entirely sold on this concept as of yet but I'll have to watch some gameplay to get my head around this. Hopefully, the guys and gals will get a look at this in more detail during their Gen Con coverage.

What do you think from what you've heard so far?

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