New Novel, Golem by Mel Odom

October 11, 2011 by beerogre

Fantasy Flight Games have announced the second chapter of the upcoming novel by Mel Odom... Golem...

The novel will be the first of a trilogy, set in a futuristic world where mankind and technology have an uneasy accord.

You can download the sample chapter HERE.

But for those who can't wait... here's a taster...

I holstered the weapon, pulled on my own bulletproof jacket, and pulled on the knitted black skullcap Shelly gave me our first Christmas as partners. She had given me the hat because she worried that my head got cold. I had told her that only the synthskin of my face registered temperature, and I could control the temperature of all my synthskin, but she had insisted. I wore the cap for her, really, but I also knew it disguised the metal back half of my skull and made me more acceptable to humans on some level. I never wondered if it was so I would look more human for Shelly. I chose to believe that she accepted me as I was. I had never seen any indications otherwise.

–Golem, Mel Odom

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