Jyn Erso Leads Rebel Pathfinders In A New Star Wars Legion Mission

November 20, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has been previewing a new Commander and Unit expansion for the world of Star Wars: Legion. We start off with Jyn Erso leading the way to steal those Death Star plans for the Rebellion.

Jyn Erso Set - Star Wars Legion

The set for Jyn Erso comes with her miniature showing here wielding a collapsible tonfa, ready to dive into the action and take down her foes before they get a chance to strike. She has some nifty rules which mean that when she comes under pressure she can either dive for cover or get stuck in and fight before they can move away.

Jyn Erso - Star Wars Legion

The miniature for her is rather awesome too and I think that they've done a nice job of capturing her likeness from Rogue One. Now you just need to plan out some cool scenarios on those beaches as you struggle against The Empire.

Pathfinder Support

Some specialised troops are coming to support Jyn Erso in her assault too with the Rebel Pathfinders.

Rebel Pathfinders Set - Star Wars Legion

They are highly specialised and able to get stuck into the action very quickly. When you deploy them on the tabletop they can go anywhere beyond Range 3 of an enemy unit, bringing their blaster rifles to bear very quickly against the enemy.

Rebel Pathfinders - Star Wars Legion

This also means that they'll be able to sneak into position and take objectives before the enemy knows what is happening.

What do you think of the new releases?

"...they'll be able to sneak into position and take objectives before the enemy knows what is happening"

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