Keyforge Release Master Vault Companion App

November 15, 2018 by cassn

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Join the Dawn of Discovery and explore the Crucible like never before with the new Master Vault Keyforge app release from Fantasy Flight Games. Launching in open beta today, the companion app and website will offer players a way to track the wins, losses, power, and chains of their decks through the Master Vault.


The Master Vault will also allow players to keep an inventory of their Archon teams by scanning cards through the QR code or the fifteen-digit code on the back of the deck's Archon card. Uploaded decks can be organized by favourites or filters, and will show their current stats. The app also includes a 'notes' section where you can record any important information about your deck and expand your strategy.


Each new Keyforge deck you discover will earn you a Æmbershard. Æmbershard's function as in-app rewards for Keyforge players, and in the coming months will be redeemable for special prizes! Once the Master Vault is fully live, the app will also offer Æmbershards for participation and performance at events.


This digital companion will also keep track of results from all Organized Play events, and digital users can search the main database of all decks registered by their win statistics. The first competitive season of Keyforge is set to begin soon, and this new app will allow players to track their individual performances and the performances of each Archon deck.


The Master Vault has only just been released, and Fantasy Flight Games are promising further developments to the app as the Keyforge game expands and evolves. You can join the Dawn of Discovery and get the app through Google Play or the Keyforge website (iOS release to follow soon).

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"Track the wins, losses, power, and chains of decks through the Master Vault!"

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"Once the Master Vault is fully live, the app will also offer Æmbershards for participation and performance at events!"

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