Learn the Rules of the Rune Age Expansion Oath & Anvil

September 21, 2012 by brennon

The amazing Silver Line card game from Fantasy Flight, Rune Age based in the Rune Wars universe has a new expansion coming out next week. Oath & Anvil adds Orcs and Dwarves into the fight for supremacy and a myriad of different game modes too.

Oath & Anvil Box Art

Ascent of the Overlord has the players ganging up on one enemy threatening to overrun the world. The Quest for Power has you controlling a selection of new objectives granting your faction more power. As well as this each faction has received new units and mercenary cards are added to the mix too!

Download the rules here...

Oath & Anvil Rules

I love this card game and can't wait to pick up the expansion. Not just because it adds Dwarves!

Have you played Rune Age?

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