Movement and Combat Previewed for Imperial Assault

October 9, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Fantasy Flight Games is on a roll! They now have posted a nice information piece about movement and combat for their upcoming release of Imperial Assault. We first got a look at Imperial Assault at GenCon and esteemed member Redben was able to get in on a demo game. This looks to be a smash hit when it is released along with Star Wars Armada, which I did get to do demo of.

Star Wars Assault Box

Star Wars Assault Game

In this release from Fantasy Flight Games, they give us a look into the movement and combat of the game. From what I have read it all looks pretty straight forward. Each character has two actions that it can spend in a turn to do movement, combat and other things such as an interrupt. However, most characters are only allowed one attack per turn unless that character is a hero type.

Movement Diagram

With combat, Fantasy Flight Games gives us more custom dice to use, with unquie symbols on them to represent damage, dodges, blocks, surge and evades. During combat both players roll simultaneously and the results are compared against each other to determine the outcomes. Obviously, weapon types and characters skills will come into play during combat. Everything is printed on each character's card so it is pretty easy to determine which dice are to be rolled.

Imperial Assault Shooting Diagram

combat dice

Stormtrooper Card

There are also, command cards that can be used during actions that can have different effects upon your characters, so the game is not just about running and gunning. They have tried to add more dimensions to the game to keep a wider audience inthralled with this game.

Supply Cards

Are you prepared for the Assault?

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